The cold outside the heat of the electricity supplier how to win the trust of consumers

The development of

e-commerce in China is only more than and 10 years, and its real large-scale development and growth in recent years. Although it is a new marketing model to show in front of people, but the twists and turns, constantly. The surface is the prospect of a land of opportunity and hope in the business, the reality is a tumultuous. Various forms of electricity supplier war, Fudge consumers, but also discarded electricity supplier bigwigs valuable reputation. So cold outside the heat of the electricity supplier and how to win the trust of consumers, so that consumers trust, its prospects will also like to see the dawn of dim people wandering. The author today published some opinions about how to make electricity providers are "wrong".

1, electricity supplier farce

domestic e-commerce because of the nature of its business, it is inevitable in the hands of many competitors, try every means to achieve their goal of earning more profits. Therefore, there is the size of the electricity supplier bigwigs battle. Recent electricity supplier war is one example. The three major electricity supplier, through price speculation, against each other, to maintain the image, and in which to enhance its market position, to promote product sales. These dramas are increasingly making the price war in the pure price factor is reduced, and the role of publicity in strengthening. Consumer online shopping potential and habits will be strengthened, the online shopping market will be able to promote. But will this solve the problem?

2, electricity supplier sad

we have a lot of people will feel the electricity supplier by virtue of the network platform operating costs will be lower than the line, in fact, otherwise. Now, electricity providers generally exist high cost, low profit and loss of defects. This also shows that the cost of the line is lower than the online store. Why?

usually, we see the online cost factor is not the dominant role. We will need to look at the line through the comparison of the stores need to face rents, store management and personnel expenses and other costs, and these are not online. However, we do not know, online operations, they need to bear the logistics and procurement costs are much larger than the line.

take the procurement. Procurement, in the retail industry, the size of the purchase price determines the level. Gome, Suning represented the next line store every home appliance purchase scale of more than one hundred billion yuan, while only about 20 billion of the size of the Jingdong, the procurement scale determines the purchase cost of the line store average less than 4% of the electricity supplier. With the purchase of large-scale promotion, this figure will rise. There is such a large scale will greatly reduce the cost of procurement under the line. However, online shopping needs to be on the burden of much more.

in addition, the online labor costs, fixed costs of business operations, technology and management fees, which are higher than the line, and some even higher. So, we see the low cost of online is a misunderstanding.

3, electricity supplier rational

from the above price war farce, not because of the low cost and good results. At the same time, big >

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