Sea honey Xu Jun socialization is the only way for cross border electricity supplier entrepreneurs


I world network operators "information asymmetry is the cross-border electricity supplier of the whole industry, rather than directly to the commodity to control, the first step to control the talent is the key", "trust premium more imagination than brand premium".

in the heat of the gradual cooling of the capital of the winter, the inside and outside the industry will be brewing a blueprint?

"people-oriented, to do a complete social platform, rather than a commodity centric platform." Xu Jun, founder of the sea honey made sea Amoy community strategic upgrade judgment. It is understood that the 3 version of the APP interface in the sea of honey "Xiaomi circle" entrance directly to the home position.

socialization is the only way for cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs

Xu Jun think socialization is the only way for cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs. B2C to follow up the business model for the explosion of cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs have no soup, as the incubator of social networking platform C2C is the last straw entrepreneurs. Fortunately, with the changes in consumer habits, it is difficult to attract people’s attention by the traditional marketing methods, the main consumer groups are more likely to believe that social communication user, this is the only way of cross-border electricity supplier entrepreneurs on the last train.

for the vast majority of business enterprises, the explosion standard profit model is not a permanent solution. First, with the sea Amoy market cake is fully mining, several giants have to follow up, although the giants will not throw the helve after the hatchet "small is beautiful" in the field, but the full range of rolling financial resources also made enough competitors to eat a pot.

second, the user just need the product, but no brand just need. In the acquisition of foreign brands to advance steadily, there is no upper limit in the field of production standard acquisition is not a few overseas brands, the user really is the lack of overseas brand awareness, and solve the information asymmetry is the priority among priorities; but if the acquisition of overseas brands is a strategic layout, to optimize their own ecological chain enterprises be careful consideration.

third, authorized procurement, warehousing and transportation, the cost of the stockpile. Authorization is a long-standing problem of imported electricity supplier, purchasing a large quantity means that the channel is not controllable, Cuanhuo problem arises; the user’s trust is fragile, just need not lasting; most of the imported electricity supplier overseas warehouse scale is difficult to expand, with the free trade zone policy, bonded warehouse has become a valuable commodity in addition; cash flow another big problem, the capital of winter, no start-up companies dare to take a lot of money and a few commodities explosion models, users just need no brand goods, just, the explosion may be out of date. Flagship explosion of the subject matter of the company will also be caught in the daily water volume is small, and constantly improve the cost of new passenger price war, the loss of goods in the warehouse, the plight of low retention rate.

user education costs are a major expense of new customer costs. Today, the sharing of the economy is becoming the mainstream trend, the user is the ultimate goal of educational users marketing promotion. The use of idle resources buyers time and commodity knowledge, active market potential, driven by part-time >

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