Europe’s largest fashion electricity supplier Zalando preparation this year PO

Tencent science and technology news June 15th news, in 2014 is considered to be Europe’s largest fashion electricity supplier Zalando initial public offering (IPO) of the year. If Zalando decides to go public, the company will also be the first German innovation company to choose to go public in the United States, rather than sell itself to us rivals.

but because there are rumors that Zalando’s early investors, innovative business incubator company Rocket Internet will IPO this year, Zalando will be forced to share part of the public attention to the Rocket Internet. Founded by the Internet "copycat king" by brother Rocket Internet, is also a shareholder in Zalando, part of the shares held by the company.

Zalando spokesman said the company will not comment on market rumors. Zalando has been experiencing rapid development. 2013, the company’s revenue grew 50% to reach $1 billion 800 million, which means that the initial public offering of Zalando will soon come.

Zalando’s recent initiatives include changes to the legal framework, turned from a limited company for mature public corporation, and the German Telecom’s former chief executive Rick Kay Uwe · (Kai-Uwe Ricke) by the board of directors of the company. Zalando spokesman said, for a company with annual revenues of billions of euros, Zalando also need to further improve the corporate governance structure.

Zalando said that without considering the IPO issue is obviously too stupid, but the company has not yet made a final decision. However, with the Zalando is expected to achieve profitability in 2015, the company’s early investors to cash the window has become increasingly close.

Roberts, CEO of

· (Gentz) does not want to talk about the issue of IPO, he wanted to talk about the company’s operating problems with Zalando (Robert). He said in an interview, "in the past two years, we have made unremitting efforts to enable the entire company to achieve specialization."

Jens said, Zalando has been focused on improving the business like a laser, he does not think that the IPO means to exit. He said, no one here to consider the issue of withdrawal. We are focused on fashion, user experience and logistics. This is the core of our unique selling proposition."

European fashion retail industry is a huge market. Some market analysts conservative expectations, the market size of 200 billion euros per year. Zalando is currently Europe’s largest fashion electricity supplier, and has been expanding the leading edge of the British rival ASOS. Currently, Zaland>

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