Want to be a good seller in China you must know those things

in March this year the 2016 Tmall global business conference, Alibaba group CEO Zhang Yong promised, in 2016, Tmall and aliexpress linkage, 1 to 10000 Tmall global enterprises to embark on the journey.

sea, Tmall merchants face is a new market and new consumer groups. How to become a qualified Chinese good seller, a clear understanding of foreign consumer behavior and consumer trends, the seller is to do an important lesson. "The world" network reporter to collect and collate the United States, Spain, Russia and other three countries aliexpress development main consumer habits.

United States: the most popular electronic products

United States is one of the key marketing focus.

According to the survey data of

U.S. consulting firm Invesp Consulting Inc. shows that in the United States, more than online shopping at least once per month for 62% Internet users, of which 83% of the buyers of online shopping experience satisfaction; 80% of consumers said that the shipping goods will make them want to buy more; 64% of the buyers are more likely to buy those who can the free exchange of goods; 36% of online consumers in the survey said they would spend time comparing different sites, to find the most low-priced goods; 33% of consumers will use the site at the time of purchase coupons; in addition, 78% of the buyers in the online shopping before does not store the goods in advance to see.

is also the act of adding merchandise to the shopping cart, and buyers in the United States may have different concerns. 58% of consumers said they put the goods into the shopping cart is intended to buy, while 19% of consumers just use a shopping cart as a wish list; 13% of the buyers will want to buy goods add to cart ahead of time, until the goods shipping activities, they will start to buy.

must have certain businesses are very concerned about what is the largest category of American consumers online shopping. Invesp data show that the United States on the Internet to buy the most electronic products, followed by books, clothing, daily necessities, office supplies, sporting goods, pet supplies and sundries and food.

social networking sites have made much contribution to the electricity supplier 84% online consumers mentioned that they will refer to the recommendation of at least one social networking site before online shopping. One of the most commonly mentioned social networking site is Facebook, 77% consumers will want to buy goods in the Facebook search information and do some homework, the remaining 26% choose Twitter, select the LinkdIn 22%.

interestingly, 31% of U.S. buyers may buy more items each month than last month.

online shopping process, PC side, mobile phones and tablet PCs accounted for the number of consumers, respectively, Invesp data show that consumers spend 49% of the time on the PC, the time spent on the phone 37%, 14%>

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