Vertical electric field started independent brand war the formation of differentiation advantage

to "exclusive brand" to profit, where customers, Le Amoy "exclusive"

war intensified

,, Amazon, Tmall and other Jingdong mall platform providers "price competition" in full swing, another can not see the smoke of war — independent brand war but in, where customers, such as scouring music vertical electric field started quietly.

after all his talk about price war, electricity providers have begun to borrow exclusive brand won the profit space. Nandu reporter learned that the day before, announced the acquisition of exclusive distribution rights brands accounted for more than 30%, more than 900; letao (micro-blog) also intensify the development of "angry birds (micro-blog)", "zombies" and other joint brand exclusive; and VANCL following the May launch of NBA authorized series of clothing, is now pushing the European Cup Official clothing also gains 300 thousand yuan / day sales.

vertical electric another "independent brand" road

Chinese so far, at least 7 platform type electricity supplier giant invested up to 5 billion 800 million yuan heavily to capture users, the price war was like a raging fire. This low-cost grab market approach is not new, but quite effective.

2012 in the first quarter

released in iResearch China B2C shopping website market share distribution, Tmall 51.5% of the market share ranked first, Jingdong mall ranked second with 22.7%, third is the Amazon, a market share of 3.5%.


is different from the past, now let B2C business has not caused tens of millions of advertising media interest, now hundreds of millions, even billions of pop let the great leap forward. "Peibenzhuanyaohe" price war, often make people naturally think of fake and shoddy, false, this is "negative energy in reality."." Xie Jing webpower, general manager of China’s direct hit.

after the madness will always want to calm down


compared to other electricity providers, and take advantage of business emphasis on customer direct form, reduce intermediate channels Chuanhuo may, by the sale of goods are authentic guaranteed." CEO Shen Ya said, treats every financing cautious and responsible, rigorous and reasonable control of promotion cost is high, the more inclined to rely on solid marketing skills, in order to improve the user experience of the word of mouth to get more and more loyal customers. provides the latest data show that has worked with more than 3000 brands, of which the exclusive distribution rights to obtain more than 900 brands, accounting for more than 30%.

this is the Chinese electricity supplier competition another main line, its wonderful aspect is, vertical class electricity supplier to pay attention to "dig into the brand value, return profit mining. Nandu reporter was informed that the music Amoy network is also stepping up efforts to develop "angry birds", "Plants vs. Zombies," and other joint brand exclusive;

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