Vertical 3C shopping site venture chasing

in the rapid development of the information era, electronic products is a very suitable for online sales in the industry, basically is a three years, along with the new technology innovation, the old technology eliminated the need to achieve a relatively stable situation. Electronic products are standardized products, businesses need to keep track of different tastes of consumers and the depth of excavation of the same product, in order to gain a foothold in the business.

vertical electronic shopping websites is a professional online shopping platform for modern e-commerce industry favored, and its advantage to dominate, first is the product of subdivision, vertical shopping site only a product to do accurate positioning, and has a large number of loyal customers, followed by a single product, only focus on one industry so the products are easy to manage, finally, vertical shopping sites have 100% customer service service, customer service products have the relevant professional knowledge, can be good for consumers to answer questions relative to the large portal to customer service has more advantages.

electronic commerce has become an indisputable trend of differentiation, the key is to which level and domain segmentation. In the face of massive flow of information in information age, e-commerce industry information network by layer transaction oriented vertical layer transformation is to subvert the traditional marketing mode, the professional differentiation industry e-commerce website development is undoubtedly the best choice for its development in China, has been a lot of vertical websites on behalf of the industry has gradually matured.

But when the site

subdivision to a deeper level, only rely on the marketing capabilities of the platform is very difficult to do in-depth cooperation, the needs and resources within the industry line or area under the line, make full use of the line resources, combined with the marketing function of the platform to expand the value of the platform. 3C hypermarkets and local enterprises in some of the leading enterprises in the industry, make full use of the resources of these enterprises and the experience of the common development of industry members, build a platform. 3C stores to serve the supply chain process as the goal, in order to provide a more convenient one-stop service to high value-added services as a symbol, with further breakthroughs and development.

in the 09 years of e-commerce especially B2C will have a big development, is the final mode of e-commerce, e-commerce is the mainstream of the future, modern people do not love shopping online on the C2C website, because there is so much energy between individuals and individuals to judge each other’s credibility, and directly related to business transactions. The trouble is much less. 3C is a large store in electronic digital products, zero sales model, the website is the key insight into the development trend of domestic electronic products, and effective integration at home and abroad thousands of tens of thousands of brands and products, enterprise customers to communicate directly, and has an absolute quality guarantee and perfect customer service service, very good from consumers for online shopping psychological distrust, which greatly reduces the risk of consumer purchases, according to the 3C store general manager Xia Lu said, 3C hypermarket has always been a lot of venture capital favored.

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