This price electricity providers luxury brands are forced by the situation under the compromise

both defected to the electricity supplier channels or through the "price" to achieve more close to the people, seems to be the major high cold brand most intelligent and most helpless choice – whether it is a closed shop or online to have a disguised drop worth of taste. This will be a luxury brand can not escape the big reshuffle.


titanium media note: at the beginning of the month, the price of the news spread like wildfire Chanel. This is in contrast to the recent years, China’s luxury brands frequently adjust channel strategy, pricing strategy of the background, can only be regarded as a close-up. More and more brands are having a hard time trying to grab profits from the Chinese market is not as easy as it used to be. What brand began diverted electricity providers to seek "two strategy"? What brand began to compromise? Titanium Media Editor Xuedan were detailed, we hope that through combing and analysis, discussion of this round of compromise may be the result of the luxury goods industry:

at the beginning of spring, the luxury goods industry news continuously.

is the first Chanel price, China consumers in Shin Kong Chanel store up in front of; at the end of March, Richemont Group officially announced the luxury business website Net-a-Porter merged with Yoox’s; Burberry group said in April 15th semi annual report released in 2015, may be modeled on the Chanel approach, reduce the Chinese price at the same time, raised in Europe the price of product to reduce global spread; Cartier also announced shortly before the watch products in Hongkong since April 15th 5% full price, the future will continue to expand the scope of price adjustment; Versace also revealed on March 24th will re-examine the global price strategy, its chief executive officer Gian Giacomo Ferraris said that if any adjustment in the winter series at the time of delivery (i.e. in May this year) price began to implement; TAG Heuer announced plans to cut prices and in China, Switzerland and the United States, including Hongkong, down 13% , China down 8%.

in the face of the market downturn, luxury brands are in addition to have chosen, reduce the stores measures is successively started to test the electricity supplier, attractive online market is perhaps the power giants to promote luxury online business (Ti media in "Chanel do the electricity supplier price, luxury Domino effect" a text is correlation analysis).


change electricity supplier

first test the electricity supplier brand may be Giorgio Armani. As early as the end of November 2010, Giorgio Armani company announced the launch of e-commerce channels in Chinese area, this is the first to launch online store in Chinese high-end fashion brands. This represents the luxury goods industry is seeking to expand its influence in China because of the rapid growth of high-end consumer goods.

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