Cannot do without the development of group purchase market demand model can supply bureau mall

although flawed, but in the industry view, the group still has the value can not be ignored. Buy will not be able to participate in traditional e-commerce business, such as catering, entertainment, services, etc., into the world of e-commerce. The industry believes that the group opened the first O2O model, but also let you see the cement + mouse in the field of life services, a variety of new business models.

buy itself is no problem, but to solve the situation faced by businesses and consumers, need to rely on model innovation." Special assistant Wo Wo Group chairman Yang Guoqiang said that the existing group purchase website mode has been unable to meet the demand of traditional businesses, or even reduce the value of their brands, businesses can not blindly promotion campaign.

for businesses, the mall has enhanced its network marketing capabilities, the mall’s huge membership groups, so that businesses can occupy a place in the network marketing channels. At the same time, the mall will also help businesses to shop maintenance (including store display design, with a combination of packages and customer service, etc.). To store products, a single, single, group purchase special offer vouchers and coupons 4 layer combination, businesses can according to the actual situation of free collocation.

for consumers, the store’s presence, on the one hand can provide a variety of long-term and online products, on the other hand, the quality of products on the other hand, can enjoy a better service experience.

industry insiders believe that the outbreak of the outbreak in China, essentially inseparable from market demand. The service life of local e-commerce is the core group purchase mode, but also the future development of electronic commerce China highlights.