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Jingdong finance division is responsible for Liu Changhong as we explain the Jingdong financial "cloud" in figure

below is the head of the financial services Jingdong Liu Changhong oral:

engaged in financial services in Jingdong from different professional fields. There are some people from Jingdong retail business, in other words, Jingdong is the first to do for upstream suppliers to do supply chain finance.

Jingdong to carry out the idea of supply chain finance is from the beginning of 2012, began in June and the bank, the relevant financial institutions approached, and made a systematic layout. The asset securitization business is now very popular, the so-called asset package, plan or collaborative investment, in fact, in the early years of the Jingdong to do. Like to cooperate with the Construction Bank China assets factoring program, the CBRC is well documented, the friends of third years to start the business. It should be said that Jingdong began relatively early financial business, but at that time we are relatively conservative, no sound in the market. At that time, Jingdong has not yet clear whether the financial business to be isolated.

July 2013, financial services division. That year, in order to obtain the relevant license we took three licenses – Commercial factoring license, small loan license and fund payment license. At the same time, Jingdong finance also applied for a financial advisory license, which is currently used by P2P license, Jingdong is currently only as a strategic reserve.

Jingdong’s existing financial services are divided into four plates. Online banking online is a payment company before the acquisition of Jingdong, payment is an integral part of the traditional banking business. Then the supply chain finance, once referred to the "supply chain", means that there must be real transactions, Jingdong in the upstream, there are many financing needs of our suppliers, supply chain finance is for these enterprises. Consumer finance is the financing needs of individuals. Since the Jingdong platform market resources is very abundant, if they can not do business Jingdong, or other financial institutions have excellent products, we will take the form of cooperation for its online sales and promotion, this is the Jingdong’s business platform.

Jingdong to build the future of the supply chain financial products will involve the entire chain of suppliers, is not a simple supplier of money to purchase, I will lend him money. For example, the supplier A and Jingdong cooperation, it can begin to use the funds we provide to do procurement, production. If he makes money, you can put money into our online account, Jingdong can provide further value-added services to these precipitation funds. In other words, the financial services for the vendor is not simply borrowing, it must be a combination of various services.

at the end of 2013, the Jingdong launched the product "Bei jing". Why is it called "Paul" is factoring, this business is placed under the factoring license. Factoring business is the premise of the need for a real deal, all bills have to be verified, after the Jingdong will provide customers with more money.

, the most important thing is to be able to