For the first time live wading maternal electricity supplier honey bud interpretation content is kin

as the maternal electricity supplier most immediate concern, honey bud day before has launched a new action: in July 20th, the Shanghai CBME International Exhibition baby. Honey bud CEO Liu Nan not only many well-known brands in the "glass", while "parenting Master days" go mobile "in the 200 thousand level within the exhibition site live, by including honey bud APP, the 7 major broadcast platform and the tens of thousands of fans, this move means that, honey live is also an official involved in the bud, maternal electricity supplier’s first self built domestic broadcast function.

in the first half of 2016, both the live App scraper, or red net price auction, or even BAT this line of Internet giants have to wade – "live" has become the hottest thing. It is worth noting that, in the current integration of the trend, the live is not limited to the video display itself, but more with social, electricity supplier combined. The honey bud shock live action, but also let the mother + electricity supplier in the future is full of infinite imagination space.


honey bud CBME first show live interactive warm: 1 hours to send out a cash red

150 thousand

is very bloody." Honey bud CEO Liu Nan so described 7.20 live. The same day, at CBME (Shanghai International Exhibition baby) field, honey bud and major brands together, only 1 hours I sent 150 thousand cash envelopes, and sent a large number of physical gifts including toys, children’s clothes, baby stroller, milk powder, diapers, etc..

fact, honey bud to choose CBME as their first show, is also quite "careful". CBME as the world’s top child exhibition, every year the world’s more than and 20 countries and regions more than 1000 exhibitors. This year there are more than 3 thousand brand appearance, covering the maternal baby toys, baby stroller, car seat, Home Furnishing, personal care, children’s clothing, cleaning supplies, baby food and health care products such as whole category. The honey bud occasion CBME launched the "720 day" mother live show, invited the most famous freaky handsome dad Live Tour event, mothers watching live side to buy buy buy, buy 3 days and 3 nights.

honey bud of the live call can be very beautiful: first, do not say the major brands, a word on the phone to the red envelope, is only a variety of physical prizes will let people screaming non-stop. For example, in "cold" for imported scooter brand high, a 180 degree turn to live in, not only cold, heat also makes people feel "happiness comes too suddenly" foreign boss broadcast HIGH, announced directly sent 100 seven and Cameron with a skateboard car.


at the same time, live to honey bud sales also brought a surprising feedback: live over the same period, up to a single product recommended by the people were quickly gone, in which a brand of milk bottles, in direct