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[Abstract] Jingdong and WAL-MART’s strategic cooperation has entered a stage of comprehensive development.


| editor Lv Honglin | Xu Tan

2016 double 11, Jingdong has a foreign aid: traditional retail giant WAL-MART. This is the first time to participate in the 11 WAL-MART electricity supplier to promote competition.

cooperation landing in "double 11" before: at present, WAL-MART Sam member shops, WAL-MART international official flagship store in the Jingdong on the line, WAL-MART in Guangzhou, Shenzhen two city more than 20 shopping plaza has launched the "Jingdong home", the follow-up will expand to more city. Jingdong told the China entrepreneur, the end of this year, the number of online stores will double.

at the same time, the Jingdong in October 17th settled in Sam’s club, will be the first to participate in this year’s "double 11", Sam’s club is WAL-MART’s high-end membership stores, has opened 14 stores in China. This trend to meet the current consumer upgrade membership system, WAL-MART is the focus of the future of the business force.

reached a depth of cooperation since June this year, the high frequency of high-level exchanges between the two sides. Jingdong CEO Shen Haoyu said before the mall, the average weekly meeting to meet specific cooperation are discussed, including the integration of Sam, shop No. 1 store opened a flagship store in the Jingdong and the joint procurement of imported goods etc..

and in October 6th, WAL-MART announced a stake in Jingdong holdings. According to WAL-MART in the United States Securities and Exchange Commission SEC documents submitted by the disclosure of information: holdings, WAL-MART owns about 10.8% of the shares of Jingdong, was earlier than the previous 5.9%.

took office in 2014 WAL-MART CEO Dong Minglun (Doug McMillon) is through a series of acquisitions and investments, change the inherent cognitive: outside of the WAL-MART Jet.com acquisition in the United States, and in China, WAL-MART shares and holdings of Jingdong. At the beginning of the October investor conference, WAL-MART executives also said that intends to focus sharply on e-commerce operations, although this cost may increase the profit pressure, the next two years the 2018 fiscal year, WAL-MART will likely profit and flat due to online business investment.

since taking office, Dong Minglun has repeatedly come to China, every time he will sigh: e-commerce development in China is too shocking. "The enterprise must change within the company, continuous innovation and change." Dong Minglun said that this requires WAL-MART more like a technology company.

on the next step of cooperation, Dong Minglun said, WAL-MART will strengthen cooperation with Jingdong in the future, especially in terms of food safety. We are looking for opportunities for greater development in the future, food safety, brand products and imported goods, especially private label products are the future direction of cooperation." Dong Minglun said to "Chinese entrepreneur".

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