Cross border tax reform to accelerate the industry reshuffle the birth of price war

Securities Times reporter Zhang Sinan

news, cross-border electricity supplier import tax reform program has been of concern to the industry is expected to be implemented in April 8th. Media speculation, the core content of the reform may include: first, after the reform of the cross-border electricity supplier of imported goods will no longer be in accordance with the "post tax" instead of "goods" according to the standard tariff exemption and tax, value-added tax and consumption tax is according to the statutory tax payable shall be levied 70%, canceled 50 yuan, shall be exempted from the point of two; parcel tax increase; three, for cross-border electricity imports access threshold go up, change the "negative list" to "positive list".

or spawned price war

adjustment of the tax standard is the most concerned about the content of the reform. In accordance with the existing standards, cross-border electricity supplier retail imports in accordance with the post tax levy, that is, most of the goods only pay 10% of the tax, and the tax amount of less than $50, but also enjoy tax exemption. But after April 8th, consumers are likely to no longer enjoy duty-free benefits, while the need to pay 70% of the value-added tax and consumption tax. Although the new standard of taxation is still more than the traditional trade import model has a certain range of concessions, but the price of most cross-border imports will usher in a more obvious rise.

to sell the highest heat milk, diapers and other imported maternal and food commodities as an example, because the average commodity price is low, so most commodities in the purchase process without paying taxes. In accordance with the new tax standards, such goods need to pay more than the equivalent of about 12% of the price of goods. Specifically, most of the current cross-border imports of Japanese Kao diapers priced at 100 yuan to 120 yuan, after the tax reform will go up to at least 112 yuan to 145 yuan. While the low price of the imported cosmetics, daily necessities, clothing light luxury and other goods will also assume higher taxes, the highest floating proportion is likely to exceed 38%.

industry insiders believe that the tax difference between cross-border electricity providers and traditional trade, reducing the tax difference caused by unfair status quo, the overall tone of the reform. The price of cross-border imports of goods is basically a foregone conclusion, cross-border electricity supplier tax differential profit model will suffer more serious impact. At the same time, low-cost has become one of the most important demands for cross-border electricity supplier users, in other words, the user is more sensitive to price. How to retain the relative to traditional channels and competitive price advantage in tax reform, more comprehensive strength test platform. Already very cruel cross-border electricity price war becomes more bloody, there is a short board in the capital, resources, the conversion rate of the enterprise will be faster.

Since the beginning of 2015

, from the "diaper wars" to "6· 18" and "double 11", "black Friday", "double 12", to launch a large-scale cross-border electricity supplier price war, especially Ali, Jingdong, NetEase and other more resources and scale advantages of the platform to vigorously promote cross-border business after competition pattern, cross-border electricity market more sinister. More and more cross-border electricity

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