The crisis marketing era after E commerce

With the

electronic market began to pick up, the market demand continues to release, before the stock dealer cuts, began to eat "often be" hard goods "". Encouraged by this, many domestic investors are confident of the market development in 2010 and in the future. It can be predicted that China’s economy will usher in a new era — the era of post crisis.


in the wave of globalization and post crisis era China electronic enterprises, have to look at survival, environment and trend to higher vision, we must change the courage to break the traditional business model, to seek new growth. At present, e-commerce has become the most important business owners to deal with the crisis, Noah’s ark".

in the traditional economic mode of dilemma, "in the reverse Chinese e-commerce services market expansion" shocking, according to the latest data, the State Ministry announced by the end of June 30, 2009, the total number of China’s Internet users reached 338 million, ranking first in the world. The number of network operators to expand to 63 million, deepen cooperation relationship between network operators, the path of development more and more diversification, internationalization continues.

data from the Ministry of Commerce show that in 2008 China’s total e-commerce transactions amounted to 3 trillion and 100 billion yuan, an increase of 41%, of which B2B e-commerce transaction size of nearly $2 trillion, an increase of 20%. According to the international authoritative market analysis Agency International Data Corporation (IDC) predicted that in 2009 the volume of e-commerce transactions will reach 34278 yuan, compared with 2008 to maintain substantial growth. IDC also predicted that in the next 10 years, China will have a trade volume of 70% will be completed through electronic transactions. The rapid growth of e-commerce has brought financial resources to e-commerce operators. According to statistics, its operating income grew 32.4%. Net goods is becoming a mainstream commodity, type and quantity can be greatly expanded, which has many varieties, types of miscellaneous, short delivery cycle, product replacement fast and other characteristics of the electronic components industry is particularly prominent.

The development of the situation and macroeconomic

2009 China’s electronic components industry is basically the same, the electronic components industry with 08 years sales revenue is expected to be flat or slightly increase, the month of 2009 1-11 electronics manufacturing industry realized a total sales value of 593 billion 695 million yuan, the electronic components manufacturing industry realized a total sales value of 822 billion 845 million yuan, the profit will be slightly better than expected, the electronic components industry profit rate is expected to be 4.8%. In order to maintain the steady development of the electronics industry, enterprises will be e-commerce as one of the important marketing tools.

with the help of e-commerce, a new business model, enterprises can be low-cost, fast break the boundaries of the region and even across borders. The IDC report said, compared with the traditional mode of e-commerce transactions, no time, lots of restrictions, without channel constraints, the channel cost can be reduced by 47%, the marketing cost can be reduced by 55%, can reduce 16% of the total cost.

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