Zhang Jindong cooperation with AL is only beginning Suning door has been open

[Abstract] Suning offers a new idea, through the opening of the entrance, interface and export, want to share the core capabilities of Suning retail.


Tencent Francisco Lotte December 5th

Su ningyun chairman Zhang Jindong said today at the annual meeting of entrepreneurs China, Suning has reached the mark, ushered in the air, Suning not only to stand on the air, but also to become his initiative.

"this year, Suning proposed Internet plus retail highway concept, through the open entrance, interface and export, hope and sharing in the whole society the core competence of Suning retail."

Zhang Jindong said, Suning will open platform partner interface, Suning has become an important partner of all types of enterprises to enter the field of O2O cooperation, double eleven period, suning.com Tmall flagship store Tmall into the store plate of the top three.

Suning logistics to undertake a lot of Tmall express business. Alibaba and Wanda cooperation is just the beginning of the company, Suning cooperation has been open door."

It is reported that

, Suning this year a big action is to introduce Ali investment, in August this year, Ali announced a strategic investment of about 28 billion 300 million yuan Suning, becoming the second largest shareholder; Suning will subscribe to 14 billion yuan to not more than 27 million 800 thousand shares of new shares ali.

is chairman of Su ningyun Zhang Jindong speech:

Zhang Jindong: the theme of this conference is to break through the change of the mark, I think in the Chinese economy into the new normal time node on this topic can be said to be the right time.

This year is the first year of

industry in China entered the Internet plus development, as the first pass through the establishment of the Internet retail business, Suning has entered a stage of rapid development, the development of history.

to break the mark change experience deep feelings, nearly 20 years especially the impact of the Internet in recent 10 years on the line, like rain on the earth, from the outside to the inside, from the earliest to the media to the traditional retail enterprises has gradually penetrated into agriculture, education, services, education and other industries, to promote the all walks of life mode of operation and the adjustment of industrial structure.

especially the national introduction of Internet plus, China manufacturing 2025, a series of fusion and substantive policies and the Internet economy, has become the enterprise restructuring and industrial upgrading the main trend. But the upgrade is never the Everything is going smoothly. industry upgrade, more is not easy, but a long marathon, the hard way, some people will hesitate, people will quit, but eventually people will overcome this is the talent shows itself, the forum will change due to the breakthrough of metaphor why mark.

in recent years, China’s macroeconomic into the high-speed development period, the growth rate of large enterprises have been affected, the retail industry, for example, the first three quarters of the country >

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