Constantly being refreshed 2015 Tmall eleven global Carnival trading volume over 41 billion 700 mil

news January 11th, 2015 Tmall double eleven online shopping carnival is still constantly refresh the data, according to Tmall’s latest statistics show that after 7 hours and 45 minutes and 42 seconds, 2015 Tmall double 11 Carnival global turnover of over 41 billion 700 million, and this data has exceeded the United States in 2014 total sense of Thanksgiving shopping festival online trading Chinese is really crazy.


in addition, according to statistics earlier this morning by Tmall, 4:26:312015 Tmall double 11 Carnival global turnover of over 36 billion 200 million yuan, this data has exceeded 2013 double 11 all day long transactions, estimated that this transaction amount to eleven all day long double burst table rhythm.


Some earlier

data also includes Tmall, eleven double open for 1 minutes and 12 seconds, break 1 billion yuan turnover; 4 minutes break 3 billion yuan turnover, real-time wireless transactions accounted for more than 77%; 12 minutes and 28 seconds, break billion turnover; 17 minutes and 58 seconds, wireless turnover of more than 10 billion; 33 in 53 seconds, a turnover of over 20 billion; 74 minutes and 18 seconds, turnover exceeded 30 billion.

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