The online shop purchase channels for Taobao Raiders novice

blog opened today, I was very excited. Everyone must have had enough of the nine to five, each month with little fixed salary day. Everyone may dream of getting out of the heavy, dull days and doing some of the things that they like to do in their childhood dreams. Now I’ll teach you some basic tutorial Wangzhuan, love you will be harvesting.

I have engaged in Taobao research has just started, less than two months time. At the beginning I looked a lot like: "earned one thousand…", "earn tens of thousands of.." tutorial, presumably everyone would like to send a small fortune of the people will be touched by this title, so I was fooled into this circle.

each of the people engaged in Taobao will begin troubled by those Taobao heavy registration process, actually this is not difficult at all, as long as the official tutorial step by step, will soon complete the registration process. From the end to the Taobao registered audit through a week about this period, you can Taobao help Taobao you like to see some tutorials, there are some buyers and sellers experience, worth a visit. This process I temporarily introduced to this, the important content to see below. The sellers who are going to do business on Taobao will start to worry about how to buy the goods. Me too. Taobao purchase I probably divided into the following channels:

1 is, of course, directly from the product wholesalers that purchase. However, the premise is that you take the absolute amount, there must be sufficient funds, which is suitable for large sellers, small shopkeepers are not suitable.

2 to the local wholesale market. For example: I was in Shenyang, Wu AI market in the country are famous goods, it is full, the turn. Don’t start too much, can the owner explained what he wanted, and said that if it is available directly from her, she will be very happy to let you give her pictures of goods.

3 proxy. Now there are a lot of Taobao shop like this, you can do their agents free of charge, but earn less, but more insurance, there will be no pressure to your hands. This is very suitable for the beginning of Taobao, and without too much liquidity, for others to do the proxy process, you can also learn some things for yourself when the days after the foundation of the boss of Taobao.

4 to Alibaba purchase. Ma Yunzhen is very strong, Taobao and Alibaba, from the buyer and seller to earn money from both sides. This appeared Ali Mama, and playing the website promotion personnel idea, really did not let go ah, ha ha! Alibaba now than before "loose" more, listen to my colleagues said, before dozens of pieces! Now the lowest from 5 pieces can batch. Lower the threshold of many. You can also be specific and the seller may be less manufacturers talk, ah.

5 can go to the online industry website, which is where you sell goods to find the source of the industry. One thing that needs to be noted is that

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