Shop No 1 into the WAL MART era into the founding team

was transferred to leave many times just finally left the shop No. 1, and he walked along with co-founder Liu Junling.

July 16th, 1 shop to the international finance news reporter issued a statement confirmed the news. However, it is worth noting that, unlike in the past, the protagonist has issued a statement has become WAL-MART, and finally news contact has become WAL-MART’s PR director of china. This means that WAL-MART took over the number 1 shop.

since its establishment in 2008, 1 shop has gone through the first 7 years. Just once in the said on many public occasions, he was in a hundred years old heart to do shop No. 1, I hope it can jiyechangqing.

and now, just why will choose to give up shop 1


analysts in an interview with reporters, said the main founder of the financing of the control is not comprehensive, and finally do the pieces of others, unable to control the fate of their own hand founded enterprise. When the founder and investor conflicts intensified, the founder is inevitable.

Liu Yu concentrated

during the DELL work, just to have a business partner, a harvest of venture friendship, this is Liu junling. In the creation of shop No. 1, two people ran to do a hundred years old to do business

, a senior Internet media and in the international finance news reporter chat with alternative to describe just. He said, just to have stringent Polytechnic male education background and occupation Road on the tall, these experiences let him in and around Liu Qiangdong (Jingdong founder, Li Guoqing mall) ( founder) are distinguished, as no hostility, nor a bandit, after the previous one, is a quiet the middle-aged man.

look in just the experience, really great Polytechnic male characteristics. He is a Wuhan University Bachelor of physics master of space physics, Cornell University, University of Pennsylvania Walton School of business decision science. He has been a professor in the United States for 15 years, mainly in management science".

before the shop 1, just also in the industry, in the basement of the home to develop a set of aviation software, the first set sold $1 million, and later sold to a set of tens of millions of dollars. At the same time, he also spent a year at Amazon headquarters, responsible for supply chain management. In 2006, DELL has just been dug into the global supply chain vice president.

and other electricity supplier executives are different, just very low-key. Even at the media business for many years, rarely able to see in the forum conference or just mami.

even if there are several times to see the participants in the forum in the name of the gang, but back to the interview, always light no trace." The senior media said that although China has always been a TOP10, but he gives the impression is always fade into fade out, did not leave any deep memories.

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