V CEO WeChat business operations to the floor

2014, WeChat third market like a raging fire by four, WeChat, WeChat, WeChat marketing public platform third party…… These words are no longer for having heard it many times even woman and children all know professionals in common sentence. Enterprises, businesses can create their own brand marketing platform in the WeChat era in the WeChat jumbly third party continue to explore, can be more than 90% of all pure site (only the platform, no operation of infrastructure and services), so many businesses and businesses more confused about the mobile internet.

V national business operations center since 13 years since September was set up, always pay close attention to market dynamics, in-depth research of customer needs, in order to fundamentally solve the landing solutions WeChat operation. WeChat has set up marketing training camp and WeChat brand planning and marketing center in December 13 and February 14, adhering to provide quality services for industry purpose, requirements of their team must be 166 regional distribution and 53632 terminal registered users to create the file, to provide tracking services, establish a solution of WeChat’s operation according to the customer demand.

V CEO: business landing demand research, operation plan, promote the implementation of effective precision is WeChat operation of the landing, no traffic, no users, no landing solutions and promotion, enterprises and businesses is in vain.

what is the WeChat marketing solution, through the following a smaller case to share, I hope you can harvest.

Customer Name: a brother barbecue Shabu

customer location: Peng Lin Street in the middle of Peng Lin shopping B1 layer

current passenger traffic: circulation frequency 103 table / day

earnings: low -6700 yuan / month high -9200 yuan / month

terrain analysis: poor, B1 position without geographical advantage

consumption analysis: Monday to Friday night 6:00 to 8:00 more concentrated

customer feedback: long queuing time, part of the customer loss

customer stickiness: more than 90% for a single consumer

existing promotion: public comment, buy network

promotion effect: poor, to shop rate and online orders do not match


a customer source solution – landing promotion

application of public accounts, the use of public accounts to the production of two-dimensional code display set in the mall is obvious, scan code to obtain 15 yuan vouchers. Business is bound to the micro micro catering functions, the establishment of micro official website, fans of instant access to stores the information, introduction, promotions, will maximize the fans into customers and potential customers to shop.

two, solve the problem of losing some customers – online booking

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