The storm struck O2O business platform different from competition to cooperation

with the rapid development of O2O model especially the recent Ali and Tencent for the two sides battle is to hit the hot air, embodied in during the Chinese New Year red envelopes and now continues to support the Tencent and Ali payment platform taxi software burn war, this is not difficult to see the bigwigs competing for the O2O platform and the entrance of the intensified however, the business platform has not to rest, but another way from competition to competition state.

Dangdang alliance one shop from competition to competition

meet the situation will be deep, hate not meet early. This statement may also difficult to express and Dangdang shop alliance after the two sides mood, former rival has become today’s competition partner, the advantage of both categories and are mutually settled on the other side there opened the official flagship store books category and the 1st shop food category can be said to be two the biggest advantage of category, just book category and FMCG category also can be said to be complementary, both sides may also borrow each other mutual web traffic entrance and exchange of resources, so as to improve the flow and reduce the cost of the win-win purpose.

from competition to cooperation is the "enclosure" or otherwise hidden


long before, put forward the strategy of "going out" to open a flagship store in Dangdang book Tmall to attract customers, on-line test operation after reaching the sales break 10 million results so far, "going out" strategy for the success of the first step, "going out, please come in" is our national development strategy now however, in the field of electronic business platform is also very practical, from Dangdang opened flagship store books in Tmall can be seen in "going out" strategy was very successful, so the first step, then please come in, the alliance of and one store seems to be "going in" strategy, but the "out of go to" really "please come in"? With the electronic business platform for the competitors in other site flagship store is still a novelty and win-win Why not?

started competing is an alliance or mutual attack


we know that and one store in the field of electronic business platform now also is a large platform, the fierce competition in the form of forced alliance in competing now, is really an alliance or mutual attack. Together is the fierce competition to choose the best severe form, but the and one store alliance can be said to be aligned, but that person better feel is mutual counterattack. books assigned to shop No. 1 platform, further tightening the entrance books online shopping, online shopping books dominance is more stable, in other books category electricity supplier opportunities will be more and more small, this strategy may be to maximize the benefits of

wrote in the end:

The rapid development of

in O2O cases, B2C business platform began to look for other ways to seek better development, whether jointly or other offensive worth mentioning, final result is that there is only one, mutual benefit and achieve "

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