Jingdong Tmall scramble for resources two choose to let a businessman embarrassed

Tencent science and technology news (Zhu Xudong) October 12th news, with the Jingdong desert storm event continues and Tmall eleven double approaching, Jingdong and Tmall compete for business seems to have begun to upgrade the war. It can be said that the activities of the electronic business platform is a carnival for consumers, but for businesses, but sometimes have to face painful choices.

has previously said businesses and Jingdong were forced exit platform because of Jingdong to participate in activities, but the Jingdong to the Tencent said today, many businesses have quit the Jingdong mall "Desert Storm", is under pressure from Taobao, the Jingdong who participated in the desert storm promotions, businesses will not be eligible to participate in Taobao promotion, business miserable.

sports brand Jordan issued to Jingdong in anemail clear that due to Limited (Tmall Tmall mall activities require businesses must not participate in other platform store large-scale promotional activities in the double eleven before the event, therefore, apply for exit) Jingdong "Desert Storm" activities. The message shows that the sender is Jordan sports e-commerce center Chen Hui, Jingdong is the recipient of the terms of the Xu Zheng.


Jordan sports Jingdong mail

addition, OSDY bags, men’s EBG also sent a similar message to Jingdong.

in addition, some of the recording materials provided to the Tencent from the Jingdong mall, the domestic well-known brand of underwear is also facing the same situation. Telephone recording shows that Jingdong underwear Department Huang Lin (sound) call a total of red beans, the total also referred to a similar situation, said he was helpless.

Ren said on the phone, this line and do the same as shopping malls, two shopping together, into his can not enter me. But businesses certainly want to participate in, can achieve maximum. He is their main concern and Taobao signed a sales agreement on gambling, there are tens of millions of dollars of stock, and his two stores to participate in Tmall’s dual eleven activities.


solutions, general think there is a big eleven – to promote double Tmall’s development, he hopes to open the wrong time cat Jingdong to engage in activities, because "there is a vacuum between two – and eleven – year period, there are vacuum".

Tencent science and technology has been called out of the mall Jingdong Jason Wood e-commerce head Wei Wei, he said Jason Wood was not threatened by Tmall.

Tmall has no formal response, but Tmall PR for Joe Yan in micro-blog said: "just to get Jingdong today’s press release, the title is" Taobao accused of stress or worry about the activities of Jingdong business from Desert Storm impact ", I help you spread a. Liu Qiangdong (micro-blog)". At the same time also attached to the Jingdong manuscript.

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