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lead: venture capital, fund it real and safe source of venture capital institutions for three O2O the service life of the local youth dish Jun invested millions of dollars in business.

(DEMO CHINA) from the innovation China revealed on "entrepreneur" out on the stage of O2O local life service providers the young monarch dish before the company has completed a new round of financing, venture capital, real peace fund and the sources of venture capital investment institutions three millions of dollars.

young Jun Jun line store is in rapid expansion. Until this week, the young monarch dish in Beijing have 24 points. The founder said that the number will increase to more than 30 in just one week.

from the 2015 New Year’s day during the Spring Festival, the young monarch dish has been trying to explore the community layout and some self copying routines, "now how to do community promotion, how to provide users accept, how to cultivate the market, we have a few," said Ren mu.

after the Spring Festival, young dishes Jun began a large-scale community replication. By the end of March 2015, the young monarch dish will cover 50 communities in June and plans to cover Chaoyang District several major residential area, will also open up nearly 200 communities in Haidian, Changping.

this is the young monarch dish of a new round of financing in place after the use of funds, the layout of the self replication and reminding the whole market in Beijing community.

Ren Mu said, in the early youth dish Jun, more use in the subway station built store, but a subway station store even if there is a huge flow of people support, is not representative of a community’s purchasing power "– that is to say, the young monarch dish didn’t know what the difference in the community and users in the subway station to contact the user, for the community where users can accept them, does not have a full grasp.


, through the exploration and test for more than a month, they obviously felt in the community store, because the user scene change, user customer price and purchase frequency is far higher than that of the subway station built store. "When we come to this conclusion, we are confident that we will be able to do a lot of other communities."

It is often said

O2O business, the industry will pay more attention to online communication, but think of any animal husbandry, the young monarch dish is not only the O2O is a local life service start-up companies, online communication is just to play the role of icing on the cake, real kung fu or online promotion.

so, they tried a way to promote a large number of offline, including the line, distribute leaflets directly to live cooking in the community activities, the cultivation of opinion leaders in the community, these methods make full use of existing community in community relations, in the opinion of any animal husbandry, this is really down to earth under the line of play, more than online communication targeted.

although the line to promote the crowd and online impact of the crowd is not the same, but there is no difference between the real purchase of young Jun Jun products. Online marketing coverage of the user may not even be the user of Beijing; but under the

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