How to build a good relationship

Xie in the previous article, the most important is that the soft real station, soft, well established connections is very important that how to establish a good relationship. Network establishment is the communication between people of a friendship were real. So communication based on personal connections in the play the role of a great, is the most important weapon.

1 to develop the habit of communication.

don’t ask others because something, just to ignore people, many people, we have to learn something, if the formation of a good friend, he called in to help introduce more and you know, so, good at communication, to develop the habit of communication is how much the.


2 good at helping others

if you have a friend to ask you, you can do it, we must do our best to help people, the network is priceless, it is common to form.

3 more to go around some webmasters


, such as the domestic GJJ of the SNS webmaster circle, more exchanges and exchange experience, exchange views, form a good relationship, will be of great help.


4, to improve their level of

If you don’t have a

level, do not need to talk about and others, the level of ascension is actually a process of increased experience, if you own a good level, you will have the opportunity to communicate with.

and higher level than you

5 tolerant

figure Wang’s ADMIN5 is due to the king’s tolerance and personality charm, for the ADMIN5 laid a good foundation.

The establishment of

connections, not a day for two days, but you need to keep a warm heart, not to care about at the loss, but if you think people don’t speak what reason, or personality problems, please do not communicate with him


believes that as long as the webmaster efforts, can add cent for his connections! The old Xie QQ466715240, welcome webmaster and Laoxie exchanges, together with progress! This is in the Laoxie ADMIN5 original starting the first stop, please indicate: Laoxie soft Wen training and service < / p>

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