How to get information about local websites

do a local station can be said to be a place of service network name, of course, they can also get a certain amount of revenue, but the operation of the site has been plagued by the headache of the webmaster thing!

is a local station and other sites have many do not have the same in many ways, the first local station must have close combination with the local, such as information, services and so on, but we also need to promote and develop! I have a information about it, just my own point of view, if not

. Please forgive!I think it is the first

information, local information should also have "new", "this is how to get information, if you have a team that you can have a special department to collect information, but I think more than just one or a few people to maintain a website operation no other human and material resources to do so, then we how to collect it, I think such an approach and we need to be verified and the local TV station to achieve cooperation, every day there are television news and television, you can reach an agreement, they will be in the news. Electronic version will give you, you just have a source of news and information it? Or you will direct the news recorded, according to their own video input, of course, this approach may have risk, weigh yourself down It has a source of information can be a certain extent and the Internet users to close the distance, with a degree of affinity, of course, will be able to pull back customers! This development will be much faster!

this way everyone to verify my


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