The combination of traditional industry and network marketing

distribution of traditional products from the Internet can also be successful, but to be successful must have certain conditions:

1, the industry is quite familiar with the products, the product is quite familiar with the customer can answer all questions fluently.

2, a stable supply. The production of such products manufacturers, products can direct delivery from the manufacturer, some manufacturers have regional distributors across the country will only put the goods into the dealer, if you want to sell their goods, it is important to contact them in the local area of the agents, to the lowest prices for it.

3, web site design, search optimization. Network technology is a necessary condition for the success of network marketing. Design sites as far as possible according to the SEO standard design, but also do not optimize excessive, counterproductive. Note that three is the only one to design a website, domain name, domain name can not be pointing in the same site, the two is to pay attention to the link, SEO is the soul of the link, whether within or outside the chain chain, there are obvious "weight transfer", the three is to search away the station do not change the way the size and structure of your site, otherwise it is the loss of potential customers.

4, the site is built, but also to find some of the big industry B2B website release information, bring their own web site. In addition to do products can be considered three class station, the first station is enterprise, second is the industry station, third is the information site in the industry, the first to do the product instructions and data, after the two can promote their products, improve their authority. The quality of the site can not be superstitious traffic, as long as the target customer service can be good, the effective flow of 100IP to be more valuable than the invalid traffic 10000IP, sometimes 100IP made two single business can earn ten thousand yuan.

5, customer contact, signed a contract, play money, contact logistics and delivery, etc. should be done one by one, to the customer to trust, business will be long. Note that some of the traditional industry products are relatively large, only through logistics delivery, not suitable for online transactions, can only be online publicity, offline transactions.

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