The network marketing to promote the integration of the detailed marketing forum

the end of the search engine optimization search engine marketing (SEO) courses, the new curriculum of network marketing began in 2 by Zhan Peng last week about the integration of promotion, for some personal reasons, attitude adjustment is poor, last week I have been depressed, depressed mood, did not listen, so I missed the wonderful lecture on Zhan Peng teacher, network marketing – Marketing Forum to promote the integration of many concepts, skills, practical theories do not fully grasp and understanding.

"network marketing" to promote the integration of network marketing, this is the last of the textbooks, but also very thick. The book is a very theoretical things, the book is written by Zhan Peng, the editor, the natural book into a lot of personal views of the teacher and his personal marketing concept of Zhan Peng.

network marketing college in teaching always adhere to the "practice theory" teaching mode, we focus on the cultivation of the practical ability of students, by increasing student training experience, let students participate in and actively participate in the "real" strong team training programs to develop network marketing team cooperation consciousness. Such as: network marketing promotion of the first training program: to the forum as the main means of marketing, in the major community forums to expand marketing forum.

today re adjust the learning attitude, a clear focus on the trip to Beijing Network Marketing Institute "North drift" learning objectives, renewed learning "the source of power". After class, he asked Feng Bin borrowed last week’s class notes, carefully copied a week Zhan Peng teacher lecture notes, Feng bin students notes do very full, very clear, look comfortable.

out of the previous do not understand, in a few days to participate in the team project, the forum marketing practice in the process of discovery, a lot of their own to go wrong a lot of wrong road. Because the preparation is not full and the network marketing integration promotion forum marketing awareness, lack of understanding, personally feel that the forum marketing effect of our group is very poor at present, it can be said that the current is still non success. Of course, do not rule out some unfavorable factors, such as the Forum on ID vest punishment different; insufficient preparation such as: no registration time in large forum is relatively long, the more the number of post forum ID, the main reason is the team before the real "mixed" forum, forum marketing people know little, like the bald head of hair, scanty, basically no, may Liu Yin contact forum earlier, global forum experience is more.

think of the team to promote the integration of network marketing forum to promote the project, the exclusive sponsorship of Zhan Peng prizes. Network marketing integration Forum promotion and marketing team after the completion of the project, to assess the effect of first team leader can get a genuine Tencent QQ penguin camera, its members can obtain a genuine QQ penguin doll, in fact, camera and doll prices are almost, if the team win, rewards are very rich. When it comes to this, the team members should be a multiplier of confidence, the resulting competition will be fierce, how passionate, do not rule out the possibility of malicious competition

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