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Part 1: the latest news! Google’s main change


The main changes of

Google began in November 2003 16, since then, began this online forum and produce of every hue that There were many discussions. This update is bad news for some people, but good news for others (but most of them come from people who think it’s bad news). Google on the change of mention, of course we don’t expect it will say what. Therefore, this article represents my personal part of the speculation that it at least provides you with some "more reliable speculation."".


has some remarkable changes in the ranking of search results on Google, there are some fundamental changes in the search results to the format, in my opinion, these changes show the overall direction of the development of Google to a great extent.


I will first review the recent changes in Google, and then put forward some of my new Google strategy exploration, and some bad rumors to clarify. Finally, how to succeed in the "new" Google my personal suggestions for your reference.

1-1. total view Google new changes


now, Google is sure to be in a number of new and completely different from the previous changes, and so many query conditions are affected, so that their search results are completely different from the past. Let’s take a look at some of the smaller changes that don’t cause too much attention before digging into the "big changes" (see below). For users, these small changes add up to many new features

  1-1-1. keyword dry (Keyword Stemming)

Another change in

Google is the use of word search services. In other words, if you type "dietary" in the search box, you will get some search results based on "diet". On this point or please take a look at the interpretation of Google — "Google is currently using root reduction technology". In other words, it is no longer adhere to the search and input queries exactly the same words, but also to provide users with some or all of the search words similar search results. For example, for query terms "pet lemur needs", Google will also show "pet lemur diet needs" and other forms of change in the search results. But for the search results page to appear on the query itself and its variations, Google will highlight in bold.

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