Long customers earn tens of millions of dollars in his capital lead investor A round of investment

today announced the July 11th news, online broadcast English learning platform for long, tens of millions of dollars A round of financing, the current round of financing by his capital lead investor, China leading examination technology and related service providers ATA company (NASDAQ:ATAI) and long broadcast network Pre-A round of investment for the future (NYSE: XRS) with the vote.


Lang Bo was founded in 2007, in 2009 officially launched the online English learning platform of their own (www.langlib.com), Lang broadcast hope to use the independent development of the adaptive online learning system to become the "online learning platform for most users". Lang’s products cover TOEFL (course), IELTS (course), GRE (course), SAT, College English test four, such as English, for learners to provide courses, exercises, evaluation, Q & A, community and other one-stop service. These exam oriented products have been launched, widely acclaimed.

on Sunday, broadcast network in Beijing issued a TOEFL adaptive learning system, synchronization on the line TOEFL Online 3 system, which marks the long broadcast network will break the current domestic "adaptive test" and "adaptive measurement" as a benchmark product market pattern, truly for every user tailored learning products, Lang also broadcast in the follow-up will be extended to the category of IELTS, SAT, GRE and other English examination and non examination category of English learning products in class. At the same time, Lang also constantly use its own development results to tell everyone, long broadcast has been a focus on Internet product development company, not just an online training institutions.

Lang broadcast network founder, CEO Du Changxu said Lang Lang in 2016 to get good revenue growth in the first half of the year on year growth of nearly 10 times. After obtaining this round of financing, R & D Lang broadcast network in the future will focus more on online English learning content in product development and adaptive learning technology, good intentions of each product, more efficient and accurate learning products for users of English learning. At the same time, it will increase investment in the operation and market, strengthen the construction of long broadcast brand, enhance revenue levels.

Du Changxu said, very pleased Lang and Mu Hua broadcast capital, ATA and the good future in the capital level of cooperation can be reached, Mu Hua is the focus on the field of education capital investment fund, the management team has a very rich investment experience, has a very deep understanding of the field of education, that can bring related resources more long broadcast. And ATA in the evaluation of the leading technology, and Lang Lang in the field of language evaluation research and development to form a joint force, so Lang in language testing and adaptive language learning can have greater room for development. Good future in the field of online education layout is very deep, you can bring a more comprehensive help Lang.

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