See social media marketing from the Luo hammer mobile phone conference

this month in the technology industry, the most striking time than the old Luo hammer mobile phone, a former English teacher Luo Yonghao since two years ago after the mobile phone has been declared to be suffering questioned, but has always been adhering to the "tough life does not need to explain" Luo finally in two years after last May 20th at the National Convention Center officially released the hammer science and technology of the first product: "Smartisan T1".

hammer phone conference site

with the press conference, hammer technology as well as Luo Yonghao himself immediately became the focus of the internet. Hammer phone 2014 conference and Luo Yonghao became the major search engines and micro-blog hot search words. The author as a fan of Luo Yonghao, here for a simple analysis of the social media marketing strategy of Luo Yonghao and hammer company.

Baidu hot search list and micro-blog hot search list


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Luo Yonghao since 2002 debut, as an English teacher in New Oriental, by virtue of the excellent teaching skills and humorous style popular in the network. For two consecutive years to become the ten largest network Reds (second to ten years, and influential man) founder Bullog net, founder Luo Fang, English war and later smashed SIEMENS refrigerator and other events to let Luo Yonghao continue to create a new topic, attract the media and friends of the eye. As the old phrase "tough life does not need to explain" the same interpretation, the tough, Luo also don’t need to explain. According to his words, he is willing to do what he wants to do at the right time, smashing SIEMENS refrigerator spent about one hundred thousand yuan at their own expense to detect and personally hammer smashed. Do not understand also caused part of the people know the truth, "this is how this northeast headmaster? All take a hammer to hit, or heard of English teacher?" he said in micro-blog.


Luo Yonghao hammer cartoon modeling


smashed SIEMENS refrigerator, Luo in the micro-blog announced that they have to do a mobile phone. And announced that their company named hammer technology, it can not help Lenovo to hit SIEMENS refrigerator before Luo hammer shape. According to Luo explained, hammer technology was originally named by the moral spirit to build perfect craftsman handheld devices. In order to eliminate the netizens unfriendly impression of the name of the hammer ("the hammer" in the western region for language) Luo made a series of cartoon characters, and caused the PS boom, the moment will resolve a little impression on the crisis "relaxed and happy perfect, and let the users know the mobile phone hammer technology.

in my opinion, social media marketing Luo, mainly as a matrix for the dissemination and promotion of micro-blog – micro-blog technology around Luo Yonghao hammer – the hammer technology marketing account of the three micro-blog certified account. Open the old micro-blog, found the top is WeChat public account two-dimensional code Luo, caption >

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