Jia Chi Software Marketing Director catering enterprises how to do Valentine’s day marketing

2014 the Qixi Festival Valentine’s Day is coming, all the Qixi Festival romantic plot advertising, many hotels and restaurants have also been planning a variety of promotional activities of the Qixi Festival, won the attention of consumers the Qixi Festival couples packages etc..

Tanabata Valentine’s day, but also the busiest time for catering companies are racking their brains to think of creative ideas for marketing, to attract user attention, enhance marketing. The catering business how to do Valentine’s day marketing activities, in order to obtain performance and user conversion rate to improve?

1, clear marketing theme

no matter what kind of promotional activities need to plan a clear core theme, the theme of promotional activities must be novel, and the form of diversification.

2, marketing segment

Tanabata Festival, lovers, husband and wife festival. As a restaurant must clear their target customers. Such as: age, according to the characteristics of this group of people, like things planned Valentine’s Day activities, in order to achieve a multiplier effect.

3, active dining atmosphere

restaurant atmosphere to create a romantic atmosphere with the Qixi Festival, launched the Qixi Festival dishes, whether it is food or dishes above to be displayed, conveys a loving atmosphere. The dishes look beautiful, the name sounds beautiful, the most important thing is to eat delicious food. Such as: a new fish restaurant, opened in the Qixi Festival day, launched a romantic and unique way of marketing, in store promotions and offbeat anyone in 20 percent off, 30 percent off, 47% off "hug kiss, on the first day of activities attracted hundreds of couples come to participate in.

4, network marketing

now Valentine’s day most of the young people, these groups are living together and the whole network, which is the network promotion. For example, WeChat, micro-blog to promote food and beverage stores, you can achieve the best promotion effect, or use the forum to promote preferential activities to guide customer consumption.

jcipc software marketing director said: millet Linjing restaurant on Valentine’s Day launch discount, gift filled to capacity, with gifts and other preferential treatment, can reach the consumer satisfaction, to relax, to form a good impression of the shop. From the food and beverage industry market analysis, food and beverage industry during the holidays do not worry no guests home, restaurant managers need to clear through the Valentine’s day marketing activities to solve what problem? Is the rapid promotion of restaurant visibility, increase sales or brand image?? in the Qixi Festival network before the promotion, must want to clear.

holidays can bring huge business to the catering industry, how to do a good job in the catering industry holiday promotion has become a major problem faced by managers. Catering enterprises in the promotion of Tanabata Valentine’s day, a food and beverage management system is essential. Tengyun restaurant cashier management system customer needs deep research on professional catering products based on the function close to the catering industry characteristics, system stability, simple operation, powerful back office functions.

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