Basic methods of network marketing

The analysis of site traffic to

integrated network marketing, analysis of user behavior, adjust the structure of the site, enhance the user experience, increase website traffic, increase user conversion rate. Hou Qinglong felt the website to meet the needs of users is very important to pay attention to the following aspects:

? (1) to improve the site, so that more users into your customers;

? (2) to enhance the image of the site, increase advertising revenue.

a behavior analysis

?? is the beauty of network marketing is that the user monitoring and analysis, and can be continuously improved. Monitoring of information, and improve the site is not easy to improve, to be careful to ponder slowly.

two, flow analysis

? According to the site traffic statistics can be user behavior analysis, the main analysis of the following points:

? · browse the web page

? · search engine traffic source

? · repeat visitors daily

? · total page views

? · the number of visitors per day

? · the number of visitors per hour

? · total number of visits

? · first visitor number

? · access source

three, improve the site, improve site traffic and user conversion rate

? Analysis of the user behavior, how to improve the site? According to the nature of the site, set the development goals of the site. How to increase the user experience, let website has attractive, keep visitors, enhance the user conversion rate. How to do to pay attention to the following points:

? 1, web site design, the design of the site landscaping is beautiful?. Web site design is the user’s first impression of the site, the ease of use of the site design is reasonable, navigation is clear, the first impression of the establishment of the site is very important.

? 2, website content, website content is the most important factor to attract visitors to visit the site, no content or information is not practical to keep visitors. If the web site is more, then the use of specialized personnel responsible for editing the site. Website content should be based on the theme of the site planning, avoid all kinds of clutter, collect and adjust the appropriate information content, regular maintenance update website content.

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