Crooked ways do your traffic a

said, I came to the feeble, because I stand by Baidu K for three months, has been restored, so I want to send some soft add some weight, I hope to reprint articles where can I keep my site. My station: the door to the art of gender network QQ space station

I have never written a website related articles, just look at the others, do the webmaster is most concerned about traffic, so seeing about how to increase the flow, how to IP on hundreds of thousands of articles will go on, but see more, found that almost all of the contents are the same, about what is appropriate do SEO, links, add the chain, write text, links, network favorites, submit the basic search engine and so on these things, I admit these things well, but there is a flow, short-term effects, or can really make the effect, not easy. In the promotion of the site training a few days ago to the station training group, training results to a small, people began to retreat group, then the group began to confusion, said the lecture is too shallow, are some basic things, when someone asked his station, Baidu not included do not. So the teacher answered, I said that Baidu does not rely on the same day, tens of thousands of IP, said a few do with method of flow, and then cut a figure made up, results, I was kicked out of a group.

has a lot of friends in the group and I QQ ask me the way, I did not say, here today to the public, I think the way people do less, but also a little more difficult, the key is to invest, but to do so, the effect is obvious. I study science, language ability is the most important super bad, you wordy, scold me ah. Originally wanted to cut a map, more convincing, the results found that the statistics of the webmaster, a few months ago have been deleted, no way……

too much nonsense, come to the point, the first method do crooked ways flow, do flow:

my station: the door of the art of gender network QQ space station afraid of others to collect the time of the beginning of the deletion, so in this again, if still delete, then don’t write. flow is alarming, at least for me, is amazing, so we have to go to that point to him. hodgepodge inside the left side is divided into three parts, the first part is the absolute essence zhidingtie, is the top of the people inside, we don’t have the right to change, the second part is the top part props props, you can put their top posts, this is what we want to do. First of all, you need to have an account, and the account to log a few times, a few times after the post to post. When you can post, send a cheat soft, it doesn’t look like advertising, otherwise it will be deleted, this depends on your personal level, I then made a dozen, can leave a good. Wait for your post is left and through the audit, then start action. There are two kinds of props in the are useful to us, a life ring, a small ring, are required to.

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