How to use the new media era soft paper detonated Market

new media soft cover

lead: in the current rapid development of new media network, consumers are very hard to reject the advertisement, consumers more willing to see advertising content meaning, since consumers do not love the hard advertising, Xiaobian for everyone to share the idea of writing soft wen.

what is the soft Wen real soft Wen is clear insight into the needs of users, combined with the creation of the user psychology to promote the brand of the article, in the article resonate with consumers.

soft edge:

soft thinking

first introduce the advantages of soft paper, soft paper can let the dull products become features, so that consumers in the imperceptibly interested in the product, so that the brand advertising invisible penetration of consumer psychology, to increase the market share.

soft Wen planning packaging:

soft Wen planning mind map

clearly understand the advantages and characteristics of product brand, brand planning, copy, use the psychological characteristics of users, consumers borrow rout defense software ads will inform the consumer brand, together with its own brand, product packaging, once again defeated the consumer psychological defense.

case: three squirrels in this company, from product packaging or company brand copy, deep into the minds of consumers, especially the product packaging Kameng, direct rout consumer psychological defense, makes the brand became the first peer.


three squirrel case sharing

soft writing update direction:


soft activity plan

any enterprise has its own news events, but do not know how to plan their own packaging company brand. In fact, soft is happening in the business side of things, but there is no better use of these resources.

soft updates with their own business situation of the package plan, planning ideas: the combination of their own events, such as the company’s charity event, the enterprise’s own brand culture activities, these events are combined with packaging, realize the industry’s influence in the industry.

soft text layout skills:


soft layout skills

enterprise software update, planning first brand, the use of a unified brand image in the soft text update, after a series of planning packaging brand, according to the target user group psychology for accurate delivery, to achieve brand exposure, guide potential users of brand awareness with the core location of the title of the brand influence the expansion.

soft writing misunderstanding trap:

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