How to make use of the film to create a true day forwarded over 10000 high popularity QQ space

these two days in other forums to see a QQ space on the video, think of the case inside the very great, at least I QQ space flow far from each other. Therefore, the decision will create such a high popularity of QQ space to share the operation gimmick. I made some adjustments based on such a high popularity of QQ space, is how to create such a high popularity in a short period of time and space, how fast the flow is realized, these things I have recorded a video uploaded to Zhu Haitao forum, want to learn this operation method for readers to download watch learning. This article only talk about the operation of the case method, how to create a high degree of popularity in the space and how to achieve the flow of content is not mentioned. The reason why there are two reasons, first, the space is limited, it is difficult to write in all aspects; and the other, in the operation of the process involves a combination of some of the skills of the word, it is difficult to use a few words with the past two. So in this article only do case analysis, do not do more practical methods.


is now a lot of sensitive words in the QQ space is blocked, but only for the space log, for the space inside the word or as always, there is no shielding measures applied to this. So often write log friends gradually change preferences, began to talk about. Here is to talk about the space through the release of bait, so that more fish bait. In addition, the gap in parenthesis is here, hope readers can be focused on, just find a method, which allows you to earn a lot of money, when you reach the acme of perfection in some methods, your life will no longer have to worry about food and clothing. Here we go directly into the actual combat state, I will explain the steps. Since it is the use of the film to create ultra-high popularity QQ space, naturally, the role of the film in which to play.

1, looking for movie source

to create such a high popularity of space, a good source of the film is indispensable. A good movie source allows you to get the latest and hottest movie resources at home and abroad for the first time. Only in the first time will be the hottest new movie resources free to share out to attract the attention of visitors because of a lot of space, space visitors can not find such a movie resources, but want to see but is reluctant to spend money to watch movies, or space visitors live where there is no cinema. At this time you share the free film is naturally scarce resources, anything as long as there is a scarcity, then its value will be very high.

another is that some people see your film resources, will take the initiative to share their own space, the film resources to share with his friends or QQ friends. This indirectly for your space to do the invisible spread, for your space awareness has also been improved. Of course, this is mainly some people willing to share or share to forward their own space, but such a caring person after all minority, so we need to use words stimulate these people forward desire. That’s what I’m going to do

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