Let the national media for you to do marketing is so operating

how to make the national media for you to do marketing, see this title, some marketing people will be very disdain. Give us a recent case to prove this point, and then say how to do the problem.

a few days ago, a news is very hot, I do not know whether some people care about (if the news did not care, that you are not enough investment in marketing).

the news title is "Anhui small husband and wife Martha Lahti to celebrate the nouveau riche send each other 38 day, 3.8 day hao123 social news headlines, a soft hype experience marketing, one should look out, this is staged soft. From the inside of the content, it is a soft Wen, the purpose is to promote a luxury car brand 3S shop in Hefei, interested in the full text of the search, here is not to say that the main content of soft.

first look at Baidu search screenshot, 33 thousand index.

of course, there is a lot of repeat and forum Post Bar index, in addition to these, I roughly statistics, at least more than 500 large and medium-sized websites reproduced in this text, Tencent, NetEase, Sohu are reproduced, and the front page release; ifeng.com, xinhuanet.com, people.com.cn, global network of these sites are reprint, more interestingly, people.com.cn each province channel almost all local portal websites reproduced, even more, is not listed, you can see.

500 large and medium-sized Web site, can not be regarded as the national media, not to say all, but also basically completed it. These sites reproduced this soft, all the 3S shop to buy it, although they are selling luxury cars, but also do not buy the home page of the 500 sites soft bar. 500 media, free to help them do the promotion. Why would the media to do so, for a moment and explain, first to show a reverse propagation path of the soft wen.

An online 07 August 03 issued a 16 point

, people.com.cn Anhui channel 03 08 August 09 release, 03 08 August 13 Jiangsu windows released people.com.cn (currently people.com.cn "has been deleted, can only see the Baidu snapshot, 03) 08 August 13 NetEase released on Sept. 09, 03 08 Hao123 page headline release.

, what is more, this is a soft Wen Leng website will make a video, the time is 03 month 09 13 points, after this video was Iqiyi, Tencent, ifeng.com several video websites, Iqiyi video playback number 136 thousand; 09 August 21 03 video Tencent, three channel broadcast, total 400 thousand times 03; 09 August 22 by the Phoenix video playback volume reprint, 190 thousand.

according to the content of the article, the original source of the soft is Anhui daily, because it is a newspaper, did not find the url.

from sowing path is too difficult. With the text to give you a comb.


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