Seven tips for personal website promotion

do you have attractive content on your site, but no one comes here today to introduce seven tips for personal website promotion.

skills: blog promotion. In some of the more well-known blog to leave a message, if it is related to your blog site is better.

skills two: Q & a promotion. In Baidu know, YAHOO knowledge hall, etc. this kind of Website Search ask answer related to their own web site, and then in the problem of adding their own links to publicity website. But generally speaking, to join the site, such an answer is difficult to adopt. So you need to ask the questions and answers, into their own web site; through the introduction of the introduction, so that users are interested in opening the site; the problem is not finished, only the first half, and then provide the url. The Duoge registered user name, question and answer, and then answer as the best answer is also very good.

tips three: add some high traffic navigation site. Hao123, 265 and other navigation sites. If you can be included in these navigation sites, then the flow is no less than search engines. But want to be included in these navigation web site, it is relatively difficult. So you can choose some not so famous but the traffic is also quite large navigation site.

tips four: in a large number of QQ group message. You need to join a large number of QQ group with your site, such as your site is about SEO, you can join some discussions on the SEO QQ group. Proposed here do not add a group to promote their own websites, so it is easy to be kicked off, the best way is to mix with group of inside hair, and then every one to three times of information.

skills five: soft Wen promotion. Write some high quality soft Wen, because a good article is easy to be reproduced, so your site is easy to spread on the network, and can get a lot of reverse links.

tips six: forum community promotion. Now if the content of the post in the forum to promote directly inside to join the site is easy to be removed, but it can do we these personal webmaster, we can add their own website in the Forum Forum avatar, signature in the information in order to achieve the effect of promotion.

tips seven: mail promotion. Now the promotion of mail is relatively not very popular, because the emergence of a large number of spam so that people have begun to hate the nature of advertising messages, but it is recommended to do a small amount of mass mail.

of course now the Internet promotion is far more than these, and change rapidly, but if you can do the seven skills, I believe that the flow is not small.

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