Teach you how to use blog promotion website

website promotion way very much! Today, I mainly want to talk about how to effectively use the blog to promote the site, use blog to promote the site, it should be said that the site is basically just built before long, in order to improve the visibility of the site and attract spider! We can say, use blog to promote the site, on the site just launched, really is effective! So, every new webmaster should pay attention to use blog to promote site.

so, how to use the blog to promote the site I personally think, can be considered from the following aspects:

is the first move, fishing nets! Baidu space, Sina, YAHOO, NetEase, Alibaba, and several well-known blog, is sure to register; everyone can register a blog, I personally think that the same blog is not necessary to register a lot of. Of course, depending on your energy and time, if you have a lot of time and energy, this can also be considered, and can bring you more traffic!

second strokes, updated every day! Every blog, you can use the same registered user name and password, so that next time you come to login and update! It should be said that the blog is very important, at a time when you update the blog, will leave your web site. Of course, this will certainly attract spiders, so traffic will certainly rise, if you do not regularly update the blog, then Baidu and Google search results, there may be no information about you. In this way, others just want to click on your links, but also can not enter ah!

third, blog title to try to attract people to your website, content and content as far as possible consistent! I don’t advocate everyone to write false information in a blog post, cheat users visit your site, so the site’s name off the spoil. But I think you can write the title is already exaggerated, more popular keywords, if take over the case, but also very should be used; post the contents of the course must attract people, you can leave the suspense, let want to see friends to click on your site. However, it should be said, you tell users through your site can learn some information, this entry should not be too big! It can be detached.

fourth strokes, how to put your AD on your blog; this is must have the skills, you can’t write the article, ending a your web site, so that people after reading the article, there is no need to open your site. So, when you provide some information on the introduction of some service or, can stay in half, the other half is placed on your website, let want to see friends will click in your site to browse! Of course, hypertext link advertisement is also very good. You can effectively use hypertext links to your site, then the user is watching, is also very likely to click into your site.

fifth strokes, a lot of novice Adsense like to put their own blog on the home page, but the inside pages are ignored. There is no denying that every

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