Marketing officer you’re wrong The essence of social media marketing is not content but culture

is one of the world’s largest McDonald’s investment in social media companies, and YouTube subscribers only 204 thousand (ranked 9414).

Red Bull marketing costs of up to $2 billion per year, most of which have been put into content marketing, but it’s only YouTube channel subscribers (ranked 184) ().

2011, Coca Cola Co to put up a pageantry launched a new marketing strategy — from "creative excellence" to "excellence" (social media content marketing). However, the YouTube channel is only 676 thousand subscribers (ranked 2749).

proved that consumers do not have much interest in brand content, only a small number of subscribers…… 10 years since the advent of social media, the vast majority of companies still do not find an effective way to build brand.

why is it? Direction is always more important than effort, and the direction of "social media marketing" is "Culture" (Crowd)…… Don’t you understand? Listen, makeup, quickly.

As the core of the digital brand strategy,

has invested a lot of resources in the content marketing. The logic behind this is that the emergence of social media allows companies to bypass traditional media, direct interaction with customers. If you can give customers a wonderful story, and communicate with them in real time, then your brand can become the carrier of communication with the customer groups. So companies have invested billions of dollars, hoping to turn this vision into reality. However, only a small number of brands on the network to create the content of customer interest.

in fact, the emergence of social media seems to make the brand insignificant. Where is the problem?

to answer this question, we need to understand that the brand will only be successful in the cultural breakthrough. Brand building is actually a set of techniques to produce cultural influence. Digital technology has not only brought about a strong social network, but also greatly changed the way the culture works. Internet users have become very efficient and highly effective cultural innovators – I call this phenomenon "Culture" (Crowd). The public culture changed the rules of brand building.

the rise of public culture

from a historical point of view, most of the cultural innovation from the edge of society, by challenging the mainstream awareness and standards, social movements, marginalized groups and artists of the small circle of cultural innovation. Companies and the mass media act as intermediaries to bring these innovations into the mass market. However, the emergence of social media has changed the rules of the game.

groups in the past are geographically isolated from each other, social media to connect these groups together, thereby greatly enhancing the pace and frequency of cooperation. Today, once marginalized groups are closely linked to their cultural influence

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