Viewing the network marketing from the Valentine’s Day

annual Tanabata again. The morning to go to work, see street boys and girls are holding hands a large bunch of roses, a lot of small traders early beam all kinds of nice bouquet waited at the intersection or subway overpass waiting for passing work in the crowd, shopping malls early began to engage in various activities, propaganda posters everywhere, a romantic solar term atmosphere suddenly comes a lover.

Compared with Western

hot, "the Qixi Festival" is implicit, beautiful, long aftertaste: traditional Chinese love not "I love you" is straightforward, some: "hill edges, the river for the exhaust, the thunder rumbles in winter, Xia Yuxue, heaven, but dare implicit and vast", today the name of Valentine’s day to sign the business of doing business can pot full return, Xiao Bian could not help but want to take the so-called 10 years will be able to outperform the traditional marketing electricity supplier to compare, the Qixi Festival what action.


well, the blessing must not be less. To search for a few blessings information first (found since the search engine appears, people are increasingly lazy brain. T T~). Open the hao123 page, you can see the position of hao123 LOGO has become the two cute cartoon characters, the site on both sides have two lovely floating cartoon characters, representing the cowboy and the weaver girl, but the cat claw icon Baidu search has become a cartoon of men and women two hand in hand, "the Qixi Festival" keyword search there is, from the micro purchase Baidu picture window, "the Qixi Festival Tiaoli artifact", select the gifts of the gender, the other personality types, is expected to amount to get gifts, gift ideas. If the value of 100~300 yuan’s gift to the goddess can send chocolate gift, if you want to continue to look at various subdivision directory, click on the gift gifts will be able to enter the Baidu micro purchase and its partners recommended, one click to buy fast and convenient. Commercial marketing of Baidu at the help of opportune practice can be said to have reached the point of reach the peak of perfection. Nominally, it is more humane to celebrate Tanabata, in fact, every step in marketing.

said Baidu, we have to mention Baidu rival 360, small to 360 site navigation and search page to see, unfortunately, no trace of the Qixi Festival, was 360 in search of the home page to see a 360 anniversary of a search topic, pull down, long is all about 360 course introduction. However, as a small number of search users, especially in this romantic day today, this topic can not cause the user’s interest. It seems that the old week marketing practice in the human is not home, although no wonder that 360 search market share of a road, but still less than the rise directly to a high position, half of Baidu.

will search the blessing of information to the QQ customer information, send a blessing, QQ immediately jumped out a dialog box on the happy Valentine’s Day animation, the Cowherd and the girl weaver embracing hand, very romantic. However, compared to Baidu, Tencent animation in addition to fun, and there is no direct marketing purposes, it seems that Robin Li’s >

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