Flow is the key chain is overbearing ranking is the right way

BD, GG will be replaced, this is no doubt that we have just time to do, after 2 weeks, they are playing the idea of search engine, this is a good thing, after all, he is a standard, 99% of the evaluation is correct, emphasizing the original, emphasize the chain, emphasizing the citations that flow.

so I can do a search engine, but also to sell it, the answer is certainly negative. Why, look at me, if you can, please.

nutch is very similar to the Google open source search engine, from the start, is a fact, because from the beginning to the network to make money, but cop-out, estimated that everyone is the same, so I was no exception, a search engine

But I’m not

acquisition of GG and BD, but their acquisition, do, baigoogledu, and others are slim Baidu, this station do not have Chinese free, open directory, do not do, you do not, Dmoz is a large group, you’d like to join them, maintain a a word in an area, where are all brothers and sisters, to get more reply, you know to do their own search engine, sina is not set.

said, the first to do the problem.

did not find the need to cluster in order to store such a huge amount of data, at the same time, there is no traffic, how to deal with that

traffic is King ah, no traffic without passion, this time this very hurt done 3 weeks webmaster heart, I began to think of promotion, is the brush flow software, e-mail group, QQ group, the forum message, at the beginning of 2006, this figure, or the day thousands, but soon I found my new server was sent to me broke the motherboard and hard drive, thousands of pieces of things, hung up, and then the flow of 1000IP is only 5 dollars, not worth it!


then, the purchase flow, the first consideration, the purchase of 100 thousand traffic! Has been bought for 3 months, every day is 10W, the passion is burning again, really get a lot of tangible benefits, the first is, Baidu immediately included all articles and links all my site, I is not static oh! In addition, the same goods, product search results, basically in the HC site behind the comparison of some large vertical search ranking, information gain.

3 months after

bought a forum in the middle of replies to advertisers, 1500 dollars a month, but the effect is not ideal, every 70ip, bbs.**516.com, 1500 blocks down! What is the flow, if I had invested the same cost, I reached 170 thousand Alex ranking. Oh, forget to say, I just 2 months, Alexa ranking has reached an alarming rate of 220 thousand, when the cost

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