12 years to achieve 30 billion in the peak of retreat to declare what is his story

Abstract: Zhang Tao began to Miss America "ZAGAT SURVEY", "why not engage in a China restaurant tasting?" but really do start only to find it is not easy, many places need to eat Zhang Tao personally. Zhang Tao decided to get a website on April 2003, public comment on the birth.

he founded the world’s first independent third party consumer review site, from a small book obscure to today’s valuation of nearly 30 billion sites, he spent 12 years. Since then, but in the peak time but quietly retreat, he is the public comment founder Zhang Tao.

1972, Zhang Tao was born in Shanghai. When I was young, Zhang Tao’s biggest ideal is to stem the self-employed, because he looked at the next Pharaoh in the area in front of a fruit stand, every day and very comfortable, but later still choose to believe that the mother "knowledge to change the fate of the outside world more exciting."

in June 1990, after graduating from high school, Zhang Tao decided to study abroad. That summer every day he is busy preparing for the application materials submitted, however, do not know is too demanding, or bad luck, for the United States more than a dozen Eastern and western universities are no echo.

after 4 years, Zhang Tao part-time work while continuing to apply. Once, Zhang Tao attended high school reunion, a classmate asked him, "I heard that you have a job, find a part-time difficult?" Zhang Tao chest pat green ring "on me!"

a week, Zhang Tao really help students find a cashier to do a part-time job, after 2 months, he has helped more than a dozen students find part-time jobs. A look profitable, Zhang Tao simply started an intermediary to help students introduce part-time, from the commission.


4 years later in 1994, is a city — the United States Magdeburg University admission Zhang Tao.

to the Indiana school, Zhang Tao didn’t eat that question puzzled him. Shanghai used to eat snacks, Zhang Tao simply do not eat foreign food. Three meals a day bread, fast food down, he wanted to go to the toilet to run a dozen times, just after the next 1 months lost weight of 15 pounds.

on Christmas Eve 1994 day, Zhang Tao ready to go to the supermarket to store a few bottles of old godmother, a good mix of Steamed Rice, met fellow Shanghai "how thin so that downstairs?"

after listening to Zhang Tao’s complaints, the villagers took him a handful of "go with me, take you to a good place." Where seven turn to Green castle in the northwest corner of an inconspicuous restaurant in Songjiang, sea bass, and two boiled chicken dishes, Zhang Tao ate three bowls of Steamed Rice "to the United States a month for the first time to eat".

then Zhang Tao would rather ride every day for an hour, also want to go to a restaurant that, in the course of contacts with the boss familiar. Once accidentally learned that the restaurant staff is not enough, Zhang Tao volunteered to go to the store to do a part-time job.

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