Ant gold suit to complete a new round of 4 billion 500 million financing Ali still maintain control


technology news (Wang Pan) April 26th news, the ant payment service announced that the company has completed the B round of financing in the day before, financing amounted to $4 billion 500 million. This round of financing of new strategic investors including investment overseas and build trust (Construction Bank China subsidiary) respectively led investment group, a number of insurance companies, including China life, China Post Group (postal savings bank parent company), CDB and Chunhua capital, A round of strategic investors can also continue the investment. This is also the largest single private equity financing in the global Internet industry so far.

ant gold suit said to CIC overseas, is the consensus of both sides to jointly promote the internationalization strategy based on ant gold suit, and with many domestic financial institutions to invest in the ant payment service, including the service Chinese ant gold shares the postal savings bank, Zhejiang bank, also shows that the ant payment service will force the "Internet propeller" strategy.

ant gold suit president well Yin Dong said, B round of financing will be used mainly to continue to enhance security capabilities, increase technology investment, continue to strengthen international layout, and attract more talented people to join, "we welcome talents to join the world, help us focus on rural finance, green finance and internationalization."

said in Chinese ant gold suit, the rural interior, there have been more than 140 million Alipay users, more than 37 million of the balance of treasure users. And on a global scale, ant gold investment in India Paytm company, has 122 million users in India, and has become the world’s top fourth wallet. In South Korea, ant gold service shares of Internet banking K-bank is also being prepared.

It is reported that

, the ant payment service will also use this round of financing income, further promote a new round of technology development and application, in order to build a secure Internet financial technology support, including financial level cloud computing technology, biological recognition, machine learning and deep learning. At present, the Ant King of the machine service accounted for 94%.

who’s Ant King?

March 2013, the Alibaba to the parent company of Alipay group announced the "Zhejiang Ali" as the main body, build a small micro payment services, and the appointment of Peng Lei CEO.

June 11, 2014 "Zhejiang Ali" was renamed Zhejiang ant small and micro financial services group (hereinafter referred to as "the ant gold service), the registered capital of 1 billion 229 million yuan, shareholders of Hangzhou Jun Han equity investment partnership and Hangzhou junao equity investment partnership, held in Zhejiang ant payment service 57.86% and 41.14% of the shares.

business information, Hangzhou Jun Australia equity investment partnership established in December 2012, the limited partner (LP) including Lu Zhaoxi, Zhang Yong, Peng Lei, Jin Jianhang, Ceng Ming, Wang Shuai, Zhang Jianfeng, Wang Jian and other 24 executives Ali, its general partner (GP) is a Hangzhou Cci Capital Ltd platinum cloud enterprise, registered capital 10 million 100 thousand yuan, by Ma Yun (micro-blog) – > hold

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