Zhou Hongyi ‘ve never been a success

November 15th at noon, 360 company chairman Zhou Hongyi in November 14th 22:30 of the CCTV program "speak it" on the debut, he said he did not support a college graduate entrepreneurs should be the first Study hard preparing for entrepreneurship."

, in his opinion, entrepreneurship is a thing is not simply a close call, "his girlfriend CEO, do CFO, mode of lay brothers do CTO".

he also said that he has never been a successful person, was once the biggest loser. I’ve even done a lot of stupid things, and I’ve made a lot of wrong decisions, and I’ve lost a lot of things. In fact, I think, only you can not be afraid of failure, to sum up lessons learned from failure, you can really go to business."

program, after a 95 young entrepreneurs on behalf of others bought small companies issued money questions, Zhou Hongyi also in the Q & A.

you have to think about, you and the giants, the biggest advantage is focused, your company is small, you may pay more attention to the customer. So, if you choose to play 1000 people have become fans, and they all become friends is what you should do. Do not simply regard this as a business, it should be seen as the inevitable process of entrepreneurship."

Zhou Hongyi wants young people to understand that early success and how much money is not the most important, these experiences are just a stage of your life. Escape through the room to do this thing, you will not earn the money for a lifetime, but it will give you earn a kind of ability and strength, you can start your next venture a little better." (Pinellia ternata)

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