Mother site fun the bright younger generation growth path



station at the beginning of the net content of the lack of fun, encourage members to publish a large number of original content through the distribution of gifts in the form of the number of Posts and web log area has risen rapidly in a short period of time. For the site to attract more users to lay the foundation of the content, at the same time, the emergence of a large number of original content so that the number of search engines increased significantly.

(2) extended membership:


content, we also adopted a soft Wen promotion, QQ promotion, mail promotion in the form of increasing the number of registered new members, and give new members in the integral and other preferential policies as much as possible to take care of, enhance the website to new members attentiondegrees and attractive. Soon our registered members from thousands to more than 10000 people. Developed a VIP member policy, the current upgrade VIP members do not need to pay any fees, easy access to the old user privileges.

(3) enhanced website stickiness:

members, we began to organize a variety of online activities on a regular basis, through the improvement of membership growth system, the integration of the system, increase the sense of membership in the site, a sense of accomplishment.

here to say, leer network station activities, the official website of the organization in the same parent-child activities, whether the activity frequency or activity richness in the absolute leading position, here, thanks to a dozen excellent moderator for us, is that they provide a good idea for site activities.

main promotion model

(1) SEO optimization

we use to find and identify keywords, strengthen the content of web pages, analysis of statistical sources and other methods, to a certain degree of SEO optimization. Remind you, do not over optimization, be careful by K, we have eaten before.

(2) mail promotion

we generally use HTML format to promote the message, concise and clear layout, highlighting the theme. The title of the message must be thought to think, a look very official or very advertising title is destined to no one click.

(3) QQ promotion

QQ itself is intended as a supplement to the site’s instant messaging, on this basis, we organized a number of QQ group topic discussion activities, but also achieved some results.

(4) promoter system

forum members as promoters, with bonus points, doing promotion for the forum to show The Eight Immortals Crossing the Sea. There are hundreds of members to help promote the site every day, good promotion links every day brings hundreds of IP, poor links at least can bring one or two IP, there are a lot of fun net days and months multiplying, links to other sites, to a certain stage, this effect will come out. If only the site to send their own links, it is estimated that several people need to do this every day to reach the

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