2015 business inventory the list of companies killed after investment

Sina venture & orange IT 2015 inventory of entrepreneurship in 2015 inventory of the entrepreneurial pattern: 2015 where to go (down) – has been the investment company’s death list,

2015 entrepreneurship inventory: 2015 entrepreneurial direction (



in the first article, we generally reviewed the 2015 end of the business side of the fundamentals, including the company’s growth trends, regional and industry distribution. In this paper, we focus on the company from the point of view, look at the situation faced by different industries out of the situation, I hope we can give some warning and reference. In fact, with the deepening of entrepreneurship, some areas are experiencing the first adjustment: first out of the valley of death to faster growth, major industries, such as electricity, O2O in the Red Sea, began to search for possible vertical industry segments. At the same time, we also feel weak in the field of growth, many companies are facing life and death test.

first look at the data. The orange IT data show that as of December 31, 2015, IT company Orange curry a total of 989 companies in the "off" state, accounted for 4.5% of the total, the company added 83 more than in 2014.

that is, the data of the so-called "off" is mainly based on the technology that the US company URL library included technical analysis, to not open or parse error, to determine the "closed". We must admit that such a way to judge a certain degree of unfair, often make individual specific entrepreneurial companies innocent lying gun". Therefore, before the inventory, we apologize first, if this article is inconsistent with the actual situation, please contact us.

first, from the time of survival, the average is 32 months. And mainly focused on the new company established in 2011 -2013. And last year, when we count, this figure is 34 months, we can see the start-up company is basically in the establishment of the fast time of three years will face the test of life and death. Specifically, in 2013 the establishment of the company’s closure of the most serious, accounting for nearly 40%, up to 368. In 2015 and in 2014, 54 of the newly formed companies were already in a closed state.


secondly, the field of distribution, electricity providers, social and local life most dead. In most industries, basically is that the market has a huge scale of business, because it has enough to accommodate a considerable number of start-up companies, such as electricity providers and local life. Secondly, the threshold is relatively low and the cost of trial and error is relatively low light asset management industry, such as social networking, followed by entertainment. Such an industry, often unstable, it is difficult to maintain long-term. Take social, for example, at present, >

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