Several problems leading to the disconnection of enterprise marketing mode

small network marketing now, gradually evolved from the traditional model, traditional industries go marketing model innovation is no longer a little-known, began to explore the path of O2O lack of basic not the traditional network marketing, the line is still the most important part of the majority of enterprises to achieve profitable Internet platform, combined with the line the need to use many kinds of channels and methods to complete the final result of the whole chain, market profit, so we need to know what to do, what to do, the breakdown of common network marketing easy disconnection problems:

(a) website functionality and experience poor

one of the most important channels for enterprises to engage in the promotion of the Internet is the site of the PC end or web meaning. Web site in the entire marketing process to assume an important responsibility, there is no one platform can cover such a large capacity of enterprise information, one-stop understanding of enterprise information. Different industries for the site’s attention is not the same. With the overall design of the station more thinking on the user’s point of view of network marketing website enterprise website should, based on the function and structure into consideration, pay attention to the design of internal experience function, combine the marketing chain buckle.

website information is an important support for the service of network marketing, it is necessary to clear the need for both design and experience. Clear the role of the enterprise in the entire marketing model and process information in the user interaction, information collection, information retrieval and other aspects of experience to optimize the realization of practical and effective combination.

(two) to take a blind mass

for the first time into the network marketing platform for the enterprise, there is no clear plan of their own ideas and to carry out the implementation of the specific process, in the attitude of holding a try to explore. At the beginning of the bulk of these companies are taking the most measures, text messaging, e-mail, forum topics, micro-blog and blog are the main site of pouring. Short term may produce certain orders or benefits, not the enterprise long term, will hurt the image of the audience for the enterprise itself.

enterprises can not rely on the advantages of low cost, large damage for their own marketing methods to use for a long time, the competition in the market without low return of things, enterprises need to establish the correct thinking and correct understanding of investment, so as to expand the reputation and more conducive to products and services to.

(three) follow the trend of marketing is not the standard

is engaged in the network marketing business staff have met one thing, is constantly received all kinds of network marketing training, rapid promotion of products and so on service calls or emails, in a sense, this phenomenon reflects the enterprise information promotion does exist, and the viral marketing would be misleading to some extent to the enterprise in the overall mentality. For example, the author is to do the decoration industry in Hefei, when not received sales promotion business sales staff how to improve performance and the rapid development of network marketing training, said that a certain enterprise is you

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