Network marketing model



believe that every network marketing friends are very concerned about the marketing effect, try to find a variety of means to find the most effective marketing model. So what is the most effective means of marketing promotion? The old snail to share my experience with you.

invades your brain

is the first one I want to say is a case: I believe many of my friends are not understand, many companies advertising on TV, a few seconds would cost tens of millions, and play a more like advertising publicity or advertising, such advertising is worth doing


is worth! The advantage of TV advertising is wide coverage. The first advantage is the brand effect, but more important is the advertising planners in the advertising implanted hidden information. This kind of implanted advertising, after the audience repeatedly accepted, simply do not realize the secret, but it began to take root in the subconscious. One of the most common cases is "sex". For example, a variety of advertising may have nothing to do with sexual life, are likely to implant sex thing. These things are difficult to be found directly in the eyes and ears, but can enter the subconscious. The subconscious mind can accept something that is instantaneous, and the eye cannot. Sophisticated commercial advertising can invade the customer’s brain, improve the conversion rate of commercial value, of course, the high cost of television advertising, is not suitable for all companies a way to promote.

word of mouth marketing

many people understand marketing, but in-depth understanding, and play well this is not much, a typical case is millet, recently launched the first round of the 100 thousand sets of 1 red rice mobile phone in 30 seconds sold, marketing is Lei handle just to heat, and hunger marketing word of mouth marketing, will be over users abandon, weak enough to attract customers. Careful analysis, we can see everywhere traces of marketing.

before I had a summary of network marketing ideas, quality products + + credit + super strength demand amplification value, super expected returns can produce a series of chain reaction, including word-of-mouth marketing, marketing for two times, naturally, a huge return.


spread, affecting the widest range is word of mouth marketing, the virus, a mass ten, ten hundred, the last nationwide discussion, from the one-sided support to the opposition, curiosity caused the attention of more people, thus breaking a marketing effect.

here is an example, a lot of people want to buy home theater will go on the net search, and home theater club ( is the slogan: buy home theater, home theater club to see. Many people remember this catchy slogan, a friend to buy a home theater let me recommend, I have this slogan and he said, then he is through the slogan of the past, then really buy.

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