From 2015 electricity supplier logistics four characteristics analysis of the future trend

courier industry into the new normal

as of November 2015, the National Express business volume has reached 18 billion 250 million, an increase of 48.1%, of which about 7 of electricity providers express. Ali Institute is expected throughout the year, the courier business volume will reach about 20 billion, ranking first in the world express power status.

, however, the growth rate of total express business from the past to the explosive increase stage stable growth phase transition, from the beginning of 2010, the national courier business volume in more than 55% of the speed of rapid growth, in 2013 was more than 60%. 2015 courier business volume growth has dropped to less than 50%, which is consistent with the development trend of the new macroeconomic normal. As a new momentum of the courier industry, the situation is still optimistic than traditional industries.

according to the National Bureau of statistics, the first three quarters of 2015, the increase of transportation storage postal industry "value growth rate has dropped to 6.6%, before November, the railway freight volume fell by 12.3%, compared with FedEx as one of the representatives of the new economy is still showing strong vitality.

Midwest rapid growth

from the total amount of the National Express, the eastern part of the electricity supplier in the developed areas of logistics growth began to slow down, Guangdong, Fujian, Shanghai and other electricity providers developed cities express business volume growth rate fell to 50%. Among them, Fujian, Shanghai has been less than 40%, Beijing express logistics scale has dropped to 27%, in addition to Xinjiang, Tibet and other remote provinces, Hu Huanyong line (Heihe – Tengchong line: China population density contrast line) east only higher than Shanxi, which is related to the base of Beijing electricity supplier development scale. While the integration of Beijing Tianjin Hebei, the capital of the logistics function outward to relieve the national strategy policy is affected.

addition, Eastern Express logistics base, despite the slowdown but still maintain a relatively high growth rate; the western region belongs to the base and double low growth, such as the Tibet autonomous region, express logistics scale for the national minimum, the lowest increase is only 16%. The central region and delivery of electricity supplier logistics development: Hebei, Henan, the rapid rise of Anhui express the amount of the annual growth rate of more than 60%, Henan, Anhui and even more than 70%, and the central region business development policy, industrial base and population flow have a certain relationship; Hubei, Hunan and other central provinces steady growth, but the increase was not too obviously.

it is worth noting that, Tianjin courier business grew by more than 100%, which has a direct relationship with rookie, Jingdong and other electricity supplier logistics giant settled in Tianjin, Wuqing. 2015 rookie logistics base in Tianjin put into operation, a large number of Tmall parcels sent from Tianjin to Beijing, Tianjin region, driven by the local electricity supplier logistics scale growth of. Guangxi, Yunnan, Hainan, Jilin, Ningxia and other places of electricity supplier logistics growth rate significantly in the courier industry average, but also one of the signs of rapid development of electricity providers in these areas into the stage.

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