WeChat marketing core thinking technology sharing

for the first in the WeChat marketing, what is marketing? Potential demand marketing is deep consumer, popular to say is to help customers quickly find what they want. Want to sell things in WeChat you have to have a lot of friends, you can not sell any products. Of course, there is also a precise user said, that is Li Yong SEO next to share the wonderful content.


to expand their circle of contacts

someone you can marketing, no one you marketing fart. The first step we should do is to have a lot of friends, no matter what method you use to operate, but it is important to note that, people don’t make, you have to see your product user groups belong to that category, positioning direction, and then began to increase. The following is I recently did share some ideas and experience with the WeChat.

method 1, in your products in the field of time sharing some valuable knowledge, and leave your contact information (micro signal), it can not only facilitate them to consult you, and you can get a more accurate user, can be said to be the best of both worlds. Of course, you must hold the attitude to help others to share, do not engage in the same as pure advertising, no one else will not let you release. Please do not look down upon this method, without bragging force, plus your people a day to a few hundred definitely not a problem. PS: if you don’t have anything to share, you can choose to buy something online, even if it’s worth the money.


method 2, take the initiative to use some software artifact batch add friends, although WeChat limited, but one day can still easily take the initiative to add dozens of friends, this method is the use of numbers to win, 1 micro signal can add dozens of friends one day, then the 10 day micro signal you can add hundreds of friends, 10 days is thousands a month you can have tens of thousands of friends, it is safe to say, if you are good enough to operate far more than these. Because add friends pay attention to skills, not every request sent you can be successfully identified add as a friend, as you send a "hello" what the estimated people rarely speak to you, but if you send a "please have fun accessories there?" or is near there good barbecue, hotels, bars, etc. what special snack can usually add a friend and you answer. PS: I tested the effect of the artifact is still very good, through the high rate, it can be said that men and women through killing.


here it is necessary to emphasize that if your potential customers is the high-end women, then you can put your micro signal in the location bar and coffee shop, parking lot attachment position, because this kind of crowd usually should be closer to the high-end. If your potential customers are ordinary men, then you can be positioned in a number of general public places, because these people are more. If >

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