Thousand search network announced the launch of B2B business thousands of search wholesale museum

online fashion department store thousands of search network’s B2B business thousands of wholesale Museum in the country formally launched. This is the second half of the search network after the launch of the consumer B2C business, in the field of direct sales network another major strategic move.

it is understood that Chihiro network is based on the Han Guodong gates and wholesale district cooperation launched the B2B business, the main partner is GF subsidiary of Han Guodong gate wholesale business district of the most influential subsidiary of U:US. After the search network and GF cooperation, you can let the East Gate area 20% of businesses through the B2B business model for the Chinese market supply. Thousands of wholesale Museum plans to provide tens of thousands of goods for domestic businesses within a year.

In addition, the

will also provide more wholesale Korean design Korea made in china. Chihiro network promises into Chihiro Museum wholesale enterprises and individual users not only do not have to pay any deposit and monthly membership fees, but also can enjoy the lowest domestic delivery fee, and will get more South Korea the latest trend information and commodity information from chihiro.

it is understood that, in order to facilitate the convenience of thousands of wholesale merchants around the city to view the goods, plans to build the first exhibition hall in the country at the end of this year, next year in major cities in the country to establish a showroom.

in February this year, B2C e-commerce web site access to the South Korean SK Telecom strategic investment. In April 21st this year, located in the online fashion department store thousands of search network formally launched.

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