How to let your heart penetrate user promotion soft sentence

soft Wen is twenty-first Century site promotion method is the most important one of the most popular method. Of course, not all of the text can be in exchange for maximum effect, soft, with well its acquisition effect is also very too horrible to look at. How to let the user write love, users can open the heart to the article? This requires not only writing skills of the webmaster and application of words, the key to look at the title and content of the value of the appeal of the. For the content of the value of the author can not be accurately expressed, we can through the amount of reading, voting rate, comment on the content of a step by step analysis. Of course, if your article can impress the user’s heart, then your article conversion rate will not be bad. How to make your own soft promotion can play to open the user’s heart, users do not hesitate to produce consumer behavior through the soft boot? This needs a process, in this process we can be divided into three steps, here to talk to you about what the three step.

first theme and Title Selection and writing. Each successful promotion of soft Wen must have a very novel theme as the topic of the article. I remind you that a novel theme not all users can access the praise of the sound, the key lies in two points, whether the topic theme and the environment coordination, for example, today is Tomb-sweeping Day, you can write an article about how to lead the flow to the Spring Festival, even though the method that is again good, high quality is also not necessarily much conversion rate, after all, at the wrong time, wrong choice of subject matter, which in itself is a mistake of the soft Wen promotion method. The theme of interaction with the user, the general users love the topic has two kinds, one is controversial, such as webmaster said stack keywords is not good, and you say good stack keywords, such controversial topics are often very easy to stimulate the user’s emotional interaction. One is always the topic, just like last year Zhang Jie married Sheenah event, if at the time you write some related articles on the subject, the natural effect is certainly very good, because it can provide users with a tea after dinner topic to promote the friendship between. Come to talk about the title of an article can be successful, not only rely on high quality content, but also a title, we can see a lot of the title of the party is always better than the normal amount of high post browsing at the forum, the reason is because a title can let users click on impulse, even if the content is bad and we also cannot say that this post is the failure of the station, in the promotion of the perspective of at least can maximize exposure to exposure of things yourself. So, a move the user heart this paper not only need a good theme, also need to be provided with a sufficiently attractive title, the monthly income of twenty thousand yuan SEO before it is how to make the same, the content is very bad, but the rate is very high the browsing rate.

followed by writing content. Talking about the content, we may first think that the content must be original. But if the content is solely based on the original

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